Fundamentals of Fifth Generation Warfare: Another Year and Another Fact Checker Later

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It is almost exactly one year since we first published our article Fundamentals of Fifth Generation Warfare (reproduced below). At that time we had been approached by John Gregory, Health Editor at “fact-check” service Newsguard.

One year on, we have again been approached by Newsguard, this time Staff Analyst, Andie Slomka, asking us to explain ourselves. This seems an opportune time to re-share our article on Fifth Generation Warfare, and the role that “fact checkers” such as Newsguard play.

Since they last approached us, Newsguard have themselves featured in a number of exposés, perhaps most thoroughly by CDM Media’s November 2023 article The NewsGuard Racket: Fact-Checking, Brought To You By Big Pharma. Predictably, powerful conflicts of interest are revealed, including Newsguard’s largest corporate investor Publicis Groupe, a World Economic Forum partner representing most major drug companies and tech firms, and using NewsGuard to blacklist competitors.

NewsGuard, a for-profit fact-checking organization backed by Big Pharma, Big Tech, the teachers union and the U.S. government, has set itself up as the self-appointed global arbiter of what information is “trustworthy.”

We highly recommend this interview with PragerU CEO Marissa Streit, in which she reveals the strategies used by Newsguard staff, who believe that “if it is not endorsed by the World Health Organization [WHO], it is not true“. This is a curious disclosure given the frameworks WHO and their partners are attempting to build with a focus on becoming the global arbiters of truth.

Fundamentals of Fifth Generation Warfare

28 February 2023

Most of us can feel something is not right, but what is it?

If you go back and look at the historical precedent, whenever a Communist revolution happened, they always started with taking over health care. Whether it was Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, Mao. You name it, they started with health care”. ~ Dr Ryan Cole

Fifth Generation Warfare

Censorship and information control have been written into mainstream media and health service policy in recent years. We have outlined the historical precedents to this in previous articles. Collusions between government and mainstream media such as New Zealand’s $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund, the Ministry of Health’s Disinformation Assessment and Response Team (DART) and the Disinformation Project ensure an accredited perspective is fed relentlessly to the public from a compliant workforce.

The creation and maintenance of these structures are an important feature of ‘fifth generation warfare’, which has been explained in recent times by such experts as Mike Adams, Dr Robert Malone and General Michael Flynn. Across the globe many scientists and health professionals have had to learn how to navigate the unexpected and often shocking, yet subtle assaults which feature in this warfare.

We have publicised the experiences of a handful of our own, such as Dr Alison Goodwin, Dr Matt Shelton and Dr Peter Canaday. Perhaps the most shocking of our international colleagues is the story of Canada’s Dr William Makis, who witnessed the unnecessary death of hundreds of patients due to a politicised takeover and subsequent transfer and monetisation of his cancer treatment program.

… insane falsehoods are being pushed on the population. We are of course, part of a fifth generation, multi-layered war. This war involves disinformation from the very same controllers and globalists who claim that the truth is disinformation. So if you say something that’s true, that’s called disinformation, while they push lies and falsehoods and claim that’s authoritative facts. That’s just part of fifth generation warfare…” ~ Mike Adams

Fifth generation warfare is not fought with traditional weapons.  It is fought for the minds of the people using covert techniques, controlling the flow of information.  In fifth generation warfare, while those who are alert and observant may detect that something is not right, or that something is going on, it is not clear what is going on or who the enemy is.  Many don’t even know there is an enemy and some are inadvertently helping the enemy.

Citizen rights to hold an independent opinion are steadily eroded as those who dare to speak out face immediate smearing and censorship. With the health system central to this assault on society, medical and other health professionals who dare to dissent face the most severe repercussions. This is described well by Kara Thomas of the Australian Medical Professionals Society (AMPS), in her recent article Censorship: a threat to public health and safety?

The current enforced censorship has undermined confidence in public health and continues to pose a serious threat to public health and safety. Censorship kills confidence, destroys trust, costs lives and it must stop.

Scientists, medical professionals and others speaking out against harmful globalist policy, in New Zealand and across democratic nations, regularly face the wrath of Trusted News Initiative (TNI) media outlets. Other enforcers of information control exist alongside the TNI, such as Gates-funded journalism grants. Complex networks continue to flourish via these collusions in order to guarantee tight and timely information control.

Anything which challenges politicised authority, married as it now is to corporate and globalist agendas, has been renamed mis- and dis-information, regardless of factual basis. There is no place for multi-lateral ideas, debate, nuance or dissent. Only for obedience to those in power, many of whom seem to be obscured by the public face of organisations such as the World Economic Forum (Klaus Schwab), World Health Organisation (Tedros Ghebreyesus), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and NIAID (Tony Fauci). Some of the more covert czars in this grotesquely fascist structure are referred to in our October 2022 article Israeli Vaccination Program Highlights Horror Holes in the Covid-19 Narrative.

The harms that citizens across the world are now suffering en masse at the hands of this covert enemy continue to be denied as the information controllers feed relentless ‘safe and effective’ messages, even now for a product that was only tested on eight mice. What more evidence do we need that those in control consider the majority of us to be dispensable “useless eaters“? As we are seeing today, the Nazis tested different infringements on society, only advancing when they could see that the majority, personally unaffected as yet, remained submissive. The Holocaust was a nine year work in progress before it ascended into the hellscape of systematic genocide.

“[Today] they use euphemisms just as the Nazis did. When the Nazis took away children to murder them, they told the parents that they were going to get ‘special treatment to improve their health’. The evil is in even the language. Because you say one thing but you mean the exact opposite. And this is happening now. We are told these vaccines are safe and effective. They haven’t been tested for safe and effective. Nobody knows what’s in the vials and you’re not allowed to find out. How’s that? Everything is secret under Department of Defense. Why the heck is public health under the Defense Department?!” ~ Vera Sharav, Holocaust survivor

In a recent interview with Dr Paul Thomas, human rights activist, investigative filmmaker and author Mikki Willis discussed the tactics used in fifth generation warfare against innocent yet often simultaneously complicit civilians. There is nothing new to any of this; history is awash with similarly contrived assaults on the people, by the people, manipulated by psychopathic entities who stand to benefit from the turmoil. That this is a coordinated, militarised attack has become common knowledge thanks to the collaborative research of pharmaceutical executive Sasha Latypova and paralegal Katherine Watt.

The whole game is division … The vast majority are not behind it, they’re just going along with it … When Hitler, all the dictators and totalitarian leaders, hypnotised the people into doing their dirty work. The same as Big Pharma has done. Who fights for Big Pharma? The people! … You can’t say anything about these horrific drugs that are killing humanity in record numbers, because Big Pharma has done such a great job at pretending to be the saviour…” ~ Mikki Willis

NZDSOS are an ever-expanding group of over 200 professionals from a variety of science and medical backgrounds, working on a largely voluntary basis within a growing global network of like-minded professionals, to resist the public-private partnerships overtaking independent and ethical health research and services. We oppose the Covid-19 injections, and the demolition of ethical medicine by our medical council at the behest of overseas interests. This places us in the direct firing line of corporate media assigned specifically to seek out and shut down dissent.

It is not unusual for NZDSOS to be approached by paid smear campaigners who claim to be “fact checking” medical information. Instead of engaging in healthy information exchange, these staffers who rarely if ever have any health related background, merely write hit-pieces. We wonder if they understand the human consequences of their role in today’s increasingly aggressive fifth generation warfare and its intent to establish a global fascist state?

One example is NewsGuard, an American based “news rating agency” occupied with identifying and alerting the public to “disinformation”. According to their website, their named partners include the US Department of Defense, World Health Organisation and Microsoft. Given what is known about the corrupted role of these players in the pandemic industry and broader fifth generation warfare involving other issues such as paediatric gender identity and climate change, this seems a very well funded and particularly unholy alliance?

NZDSOS were recently approached by a NewsGuard staffer with a Bachelor of Arts degree, warning us of an imminent strike. We must be cutting close to the bone to have attracted the attention of such a well-connected American corporation?

Fifth Generation Warfare Gregory NewsTech

NewsGuard feature in a 2019 article by investigative journalist Whitney Webb: How a Neocon-Backed “Fact Checker” Plans to Wage War on Independent Media. Webb describes a colour-coding system used by NewsGuard to rate the reliability of online news sites which resembles the US terror threat-level warning system that was created after 9/11. This was managed by then-secretary of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge, who now sits on the Advisory Board of NewsGuard.

Such colour coding is also reminiscent of New Zealand’s Covid-19 “traffic light system”. An interesting coincidence given the involvement of our intelligence services in attempting to impose a system of information control enforced by the people, against the people, in relation to Covid-19 “disinformation”.

In the last three years you have been subjected to the most massive, harmonised, globally coordinated propaganda campaign in the history of the western world … With this campaign the governments of many western nation states have turned … military grade psychological operation strategies, tactics, technologies and capabilities, developed for modern military combat, against their own citizens…” ~ Dr Robert Malone

Three years ago, many at NZDSOS believed that if we spoke out within our scope of professional knowledge and experience, the authorities would at least listen, perhaps even learn and then hopefully redirect their flawed pandemic response. Instead, what followed was hard to fathom as those employed to protect citizens aggressively assaulted the population in lockstep with national governments across the ‘democratic’ world.

As ethical medical professionals in the firing line we have become armed with far better geopolitical insight than the likes of John Gregory, as they undertake the dirty work of their distant puppet masters. As time goes on, and with the international expertise and support of our alliances, the blurred focus of this fifth generation warfare becomes increasingly sharper.

Fifth Generation Warfare and Third Party Fact Checkers

With thanks to Coronavirus Plushie: Sanjana Hattotuwa: Covid Conspiracy Theorists Are Switching Their Focus to Climate Change. One of three staff at the Disinformation Project, Hattotuwa is allegedly an “information disorders” expert who holds no medical (or other science) qualifications. He describes a traumatic childhood in Sri Lanka where he honed his art on his own fellow citizens, before turning his sights on New Zealanders.

Hattotuwa fifth generation warfare

Hattotuwa has been the recipient of multiple private project grants throughout his career. As well as smaller endowments, he names three academic fellowships sponsored by highly networked entities.

  1. TED: a World Economic Forum partner who list Hattotuwa in their 2011 fellows as a “citizen journalist”. TED’s funding initiative is the Audacious Project who name the Gates Foundation as a leading partner.
  2. Rotary: a multi-million dollar Gates Foundation recipient.
  3. Ashoka: whose multiple corporate partners include Google (heavily invested in vaccines); the world’s biggest consulting firm, McKinsey (heavily involved in guiding global governments through the pandemic response, and steeped in controversy); and the Schwab Foundation of World Economic Forum renown.

Going by Hattotuwa’s profile alone, the Disinformation Project appear to be third party fact checkers working for the globalist establishment whilst posing as “independent researchers”. Do they network with NewsGuard and other “fact checkers” with larger audiences, to intimidate New Zealanders into silence and compliance?

Author and investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson provides intelligent analysis of the propaganda tactics employed by fifth generation warfare warriors such as Dr Hattotuwa, the Disinformation Project and NewsGuard. Watch her informative interview with Jan Jekielek at Dangers of Third-Party “Fact-Checkers”; How Propaganda Replaced Journalism (below).

Third parties that have no information or knowledge that’s any more special than anybody else, stepping in with information they may know nothing about, but they have interests that are pushing them, or supporting them, or that they are acting on behalf of. Political and corporate interests …

… Every time you see a major campaign to controversialise … an outlet … a reporter … where there are attacks and accusations and a lot of attention is being paid to it, and efforts to pull the information off social media. That should make us pay more attention to it. That’s a signal, a tell, saying that there are powerful interests trying to not let you make up your own mind about this information …

… The most important, single thing people can do, is to speak up and not be bullied by the people that want to keep the voices silent … don’t be cow-towed into not speaking out
…” ~ Sharyl Attkisson

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