Israeli Vaccination Program Highlights Horror Holes in the Covid-19 Narrative

Israeli Vaccination FI
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As the first to rollout Covid-19 inoculations on their population, the Israeli vaccination program has invoked both interest and controversy internationally. On 14 September we wrote a summary of Steve Kirsch’s recent substack article about safety issues identified in the Israeli vaccination program that were deliberately concealed by their government and media. Since then further details reported in June 2022 have come to our attention: The Israeli MOH is hiding a study it conducted, showing a 2-4 times higher rate of adverse events reports following Pfizer COVID vaccine in kids aged 5-11 vs ages 12-17.

Funded by the Israeli Ministry of Health, the study found that along with this higher rate of adverse events in the younger age group, there was a three to four times lower inoculation rate, meaning their rate of adverse events is proportionally even higher. The study also identified new adverse events, not listed in Pfizer’s product information, as well as the long term nature of a significant proportion of adverse events, and their recurrence with subsequent doses. Despite the findings being presented to the MOH’s Department of Epidemiology in early June, the Israeli vaccination program nevertheless approved a third dose for this age group, and charged forward with approval of the vaccine for infants.

At the same time, Israel hosted Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla at a lavish event where he was awarded a prize recognising his “humanitarian impact”. This seems consistent with the extravagant awards ceremonies described by Dr Bruce Dooley as intrinsic to the public-private partnerships of regulators and industry. Israeli journalist Avi Barak offered this critical appraisal of Bourla weeks after his ceremonial visit, suggesting that not all locals celebrated the spectacle. Despite Bourla’s claims that his Covid-19 product could not be safer, the Israeli Testimonials project reveals another reality.

Bizarre vainglorious celebrations have also been observed in other eccentric pharmaceutical industry associations. In December 2018 Alain Mérieux posed alongside World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab and Xi Jinping at an awards ceremony hosted by the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing. Heir of a multi-billion dollar European pharmaceutical dynasty, Mérieux allegedly helped establish the Wuhan laboratory, infamous today for its gain of function activity. He also founded bioMérieux, a pharmaceutical company headed by Stéphane Bancel prior to his appointment as CEO of Moderna.

Merieux and Schwab

Does anyone really believe that the health of human populations is a central motivation of these absurdly ostentatious and self-congratulatory specters?

Watch: Israeli Vaccination Program Controversy

Pfizer Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer Philip Dormitzer stated during an online meeting in 2021 that the Israeli vaccination program offered Pfizer “a sort of laboratory” allowing them to monitor the effect of their product on the human population. This was surely grotesque given the origins of the Nuremberg Code which he openly admits to disregarding?

Dr Vladimir (Zev) Zelenko discussed his concerns about the Israeli vaccination program with Del Bigtree at The Highwire in September 2021, after presenting to a symposium of Israeli rabbis. Dr Zelenko successfully led a medical team who have cumulatively treated millions of Covid-19 patients successfully with an early treatment regime, and trained hundreds of physicians. He died in June 2022 at the age of 48yo after a prolonged battle with cancer. His legacy, detailed here, is one of medical prowess combined with a devotion to medical ethics and humanity.


With the insistence that authorities be society’s single source of truth, and ongoing threats cloaked in euphemistic language about “protection” requiring the restriction of free speech, it seems imperative to hold authorities to account. At no point in her recent address to the United Nations General Assembly did PM Ardern make mention of the health crisis New Zealand now faces, of harms caused by our Covid-19 policies, rolled out in parallel ways to the Israeli vaccination program, and across the globe. A level of global coordination, in the face of calls for such coordination by those rehearsing the pandemic in October 2019, and persistently by the World Health Organisation, is undeniable.

The main concern expressed by so many leaders under the guise of health protection appears to be about ensuring information control. Robert F Kennedy Jr has researched this subject extensively, which he articulated well at a Doctors For Covid Ethics symposium in January 2022.

The march towards authoritarian control is well exemplified by multiple new policies across western nations, from California’s Bill AB2098 which plans to accord further powers to medical boards to stifle independent medical opinions of qualified doctors and similar laws coming to light in Australia, to the various “disinformation” departments recently established by governments. Private funding from organisations claiming interest in “health care” is flowing for the same purposes, such as the Rockefeller funded Mercury Project.

The Israeli vaccination program’s data has clearly been misrepresented, just as the NZ government continues to misrepresent the impact of our own vaccination program with benefits embellished whilst harms are steadfastly ignored. This is unacceptable and must not be tolerated, least not for the sake of our children.

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