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Unsafe and Ineffective – Israeli Government Conveniently Covers Up Vaccine Side Effects

In the early stages of the pandemic Israel was commended for its vaccination rollout programme and for being one of the first countries in the world to vaccinate a huge swath of its population against COVID-19. However, the safety data now coming out of highly vaccinated Israel is troubling to say the least, as it not only indicates the vaccine is unsafe and ineffective but has left in its wake side effects, injuries and deaths which the Israeli Government have deliberately and conveniently attempted to manipulate and cover up. This startling safety information, or lack thereof, has significant implications for those injured by the mRNA injections.

A spokesperson for New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) said “New Zealanders have died after receiving this novel gene therapy and New Zealand is owed a full explanation of what the actual data is saying”

The Israeli government only started collecting safety data in December 2021, one year after rolling out the vaccines to the public. It then took a further six months for them to analyse this data, all the while declaring how safe and effective vaccination was to prevent serious illness and the spread of COVID-19.

Steve Kirsch, US writer and engineer said “The Israeli Health Authority knew the vaccines were harming people and that the side effects of the vaccine were neither always mild nor short-term. In fact, in 65% of the neurological cases that mentioned duration, the symptoms were all on-going”.

The serious safety problems with the COVID-19 injections, the growing body of national and international evidence and the thousands of injuries and deaths should be an immediate call to action for the New Zealand government and Medsafe to halt vaccinations.

Read here: Unsafe and Ineffective – Israeli Government Conveniently Covers Up Vaccine Side Effects

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