Can we please discuss the enormous elephant in the hospital room?

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Let us count the issues in our hospitals or health care sector right now…  

“Patient details could be compromised as a large North Island GP network hit by a cyber attack”.

“Thousands of distressed teens are rushed to ED because mental health services are overloaded”.

“Christchurch Hospital experiencing ‘unprecedented high demand”.

“Wait to see GP taking up to six weeks, College of GPs says”. 

“Taranaki hospitals’ EDs swamped with patients”.

“High demand at Christchurch Hospital sees surgeries rescheduled”.

“Nurses warned plan to turn down extra shifts next week likely illegal”.

“Radiologist warns unreliable IT systems interfere with ability to diagnose”.

high spring demand has taken them by surprise…

…emergency departments had regularly had more patients than beds in the past few days and weeks, and urgent care clinics were also overrun, despite falling Covid numbers…

unprecedented high demand

staff illnesses were exacerbating the problem…

…facility was 30 patients over capacity

enormous struggle for patients to get bookings…

…the health system was experiencing acute demand, despite the fall in Covid-19 cases…

How healthy is our ‘health’ system? 
How secure is your private personal health information? 
Are health diagnostics up to standard? 

These headlines and excerpts from mainstream media articles in the past week suggest there are serious problems.  

The elephants in the room are NEVER mentioned so we’ll mention them and we’ll ask the naysayers to provide the evidence to prove otherwise.

  • Large numbers of staff are off sick due to adverse effects from repeated Covid vaccinations (on top of stress and burnout from overwork). 

  • Hospital demand is increased due to adverse effects of Covid vaccination – strokes, heart attacks, blood clots, myocarditis, neurological symptoms, stillbirth, sepsis, cancer… 

  • Numerous healthy naturally-immune nurses, doctors, midwives, and other health professionals are still mandated out of the health system for obscure reasons that lack science, logic or common sense. 

Perhaps Te Whatu Ora (TWO) could provide the health and safety data and the risk assessments they have undertaken to justify continued mandates.

It might be time to learn how your body works, what it needs to function optimally, and how to be your own doctor.

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