Paula Penfold, What Happened? Where is Your Brave 2015 Self?

Paula Penfold
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A letter from a NZDSOS supporter, based on a Facebook post and edited with permission, to Paula Penfold following the release of her documentary Fire & Fury.

Letter to Paula Penfold

Hey Paula Penfold, 

Perhaps you could explain why 7 years ago you engaged in providing a voice for NZ teenage girls and their families who were injured or even killed after Merck’s HPV vaccine Gardasil, in a Mediaworks 3D documentary, that was televised in 2015. 

Later on, the documentary Cause or Coincidence? HPV Vaccines Associated with Deaths & Disability was ‘taken down.’ However, it never really went away…

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So, kudos for your valiant effort, Paula Penfold, to present balanced but compassionate journalism, back in 2015, on a difficult and probably professionally dangerous issue, but one that Kiwis needed to hear. 

You were the consummate professional during that documentary, which was supported by the report from the Broadcast Standards Authority which followed sometime later, as a result of a complaint by Gardasil’s importer. 

No one called you ‘anti science,’ or an ‘antivaxxer,’ or ‘a threat to public health’ did they?  

How times have changed.

In those interviews issues were raised regarding serious adverse reactions and deaths, the informed consent process, due diligence and duty of care or lack thereof, and the need  for awareness of risk. 

Essentially you gave a platform or opportunity for citizens to express their experiences and ask questions. 

You also interviewed the late Dr Stewart Jessamine, of Medsafe, who failed to adequately respond to your questions, and you revealed the lack of investigation into one of the dead girls, whose parents you interviewed.

The presentation was only 22 minutes long, but apparently you and your team spent many hours with these families around NZ. 

The documentary was met with resistance by Seqirus, the distributors for Merck’s HPV vaccine, who laid a lengthy complaint against your presentation, through the NZ Broadcasting Standards Authority. However, the BSA upheld the presentation, finding no breach of broadcasting standards. 

You left the viewer to draw their own conclusions rather than spoon-feeding them canned sentiment and lynching the wrong-doers.

So What Has Changed, Paula Penfold?

Paula, the concerns raised by the girls and their parents in 2015 are the same questions and concerns being raised now in NZ, and globally, in respect to Covid injections.  Yet, anyone attempting discourse on this subject is vilified and maligned, and often labelled with pejorative words, with no right of reply.  Apart from a courageous minority, doctors round the world have been silenced. They are censored and deplatformed in identical fashion. Why, and by whom? Is this fair or reasonable? There is something rotten in the State of Texas. Why don’t you investigate 400 Fuller Wiser Rd, Euless, the joint home of FSMB and IAMRA ?  Now there’s a story worthy of a true journalist. Very intriguing information is being uncovered, and not even by trained sleuthers. 

Where are the mainstream professional journalists interviewing the many Pfizer injured or the families who have lost loved ones, and who have lacked duty of care regarding initial consent and ongoing help.

As you know,  the CARM reporting system only accounts for about 5-10% at absolute best of adverse vaccine reactions, and was never intended to cope with a rollout such as this. So major room for improvement there, if we are ever to get an accurate extent of adverse outcomes. This begs the question: if we are mandating the Covid injections, why is the reporting of adverse reactions passive and not mandatory? Testimony abounds that doctors are avoiding submitting reports. Look at the Medsafe site and you will see most reports are being made by the public, not doctors. Truly shocking!

Another question is how lawful or ethical is it to mandate any medical procedure, in this case the injection of an mRNA product?  When is consent required for this medical procedure and should that consent be obtained without duress, without use of coercive tactics and without threat of penalties?

Have you asked yourself this, Paula Penfold?

Have you wondered why the Medical Council, College of GPs and the Nursing Council and Organisation have not considered their members’ legal vulnerabilities under the Geneva Convention, Nuremberg Code, Health and Disability Code and even our own beleaguered Bill of Rights?

What must Dame Silvia Cartwright be asking herself, given her past efforts uncovering “the unfortunate experiment” which influenced the need for the creation of the NZ Health and Disability Codes. Those women, and many since, clearly suffered and died in vain.  If there is one thing for sure, the future commission into this dreadful calamity won’t be called “The Penfold Enquiry”. 

Returning to your laudable contribution, one of the girls featured in your Gardasil documentary did have her case assessed eventually, although some years later, after being ignored and dismissed by those who are paid to regulate and protect. She was admitted multiple times to hospital and endured painful and debilitating medical conditions, which robbed her of her precious teenage years.

An independent immunopathologist assessed her ACC case and concluded that there was a ‘causal’ link between her serious illness and Gardasil HPV vaccine. 

He suggested that her case be peer reviewed and published but neither of these suggestions were acted upon, apparently. Astoundingly, the girl received no ACC compensation, even after his comprehensive and confirmatory assessment. 

Did Medsafe or CARM NZ ever publish this outcome, or alert health professionals to this case, so that they might be made aware of this adverse reaction and be in a position to remain vigilant, should other teenage girls manifest autoimmune medical conditions, temporally related to this vaccine? Not that we can see.

Have you ever wondered what became of those girls that you interviewed Paula, or the families whose daughters died?

Perhaps you can reflect on how you are portraying citizens who have rational, valid concerns and questions, and cease to demonise anyone who advocates for an unfettered and tailored informed consent process. We all have a right to due diligence and an effective duty of care, offered in a timely manner especially where deleterious adverse reactions (including the worst one) are possible, from those who take the Hippocratic Oath, to first do no harm; or those who take a Pledge or are bound by professional codes of conduct and standards and protocols, such as those  required in the NZ Immunisation Handbook. 

Perhaps you, too, were coerced, threatened or God-forbid bribed. Perhaps you have your own story to tell. We, the vilified, threatened and oft suspended doctors, have only stood up and spoken out for our patients and the public of New Zealand. We are here if you need us or want to tell your story anonymously. Paula Penfold, now is your chance.

Primum Non Nocere, and the journalistic equivalent – balance, fairness and objectivity?

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