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Ardern’s Brain Drain of Essential NZ Health Care Workers

The NZ Health Care Brain Drain Continues Due to Ardern’s Failed Public Policies

The last two years have seen unprecedented levels of burnout in the health care sector.

In our view, the ever-changing goal posts and perpetual false narratives by government paid public health “experts” to promote an unproven, potentially dangerous medical product are primarily responsible. This handful of public health doctors and academics have caused a blight on our profession. Thousands of NZ health care workers have left the NZ workforce rather than coerce their patients or comply with tyrannical policies that breach human rights, medical ethics, and good conscience. Patients are generally outraged and feel entitled to take their rage out upon those left at the coal face of health care. It is a dangerous prescription that has been signed by this government.

The response of the tone-deaf Ardern government to this crisis has been to persecute the messengers, truth-tellers and whistleblowers and continue advancing the government’s Big Pharma agenda through MBIE. It is almost as if they were getting paid to act this way. The NZ regulatory system has no apparent interest in practitioners that pose a danger to patients. It only wishes to discipline those NZ health care practitioners that pose a danger to the government narrative. It all makes sense when we realize that Black’s law dictionary defines “the public” as “the state”. And so we see that the regulatory authorities and their government controllers have vowed to protect themselves at the expense of those who elected them.

 How is this going for New Zealanders? Not very well in our observation. Wait-lists have exploded, women struggle to get midwife support to birth their babies, hospitals are diverting patients, GP practices are swamped with high acuity patients that should have been admitted to hospital, cancer diagnoses and treatment are delayed and ambulance sirens have all but replaced birdsong in case anyone is listening. In the midst of the chaos, the Ardern government, just last month,  decided to fragment the health system into a race-based but highly centralized quagmire that is unaccountable to anyone and unfit for purpose as best we can tell. This has created a hurdle and a moat to health care access and equity (as opposed to a bridge or a ladder).


Now that NZ has rejoined the rest of the planet and is making its reluctant exit from the dark ages of failed Covid-19 policies, we are likely to see the exit of many doctors and specialists who came from overseas mistakenly believing that our nation was “kind” or clean and green, or a good place to ride out the storm. These expectations were dashed for many immigrant doctors upon finding themselves at odds with an unscientific, medically flawed public policy that is meant to be enforced by the Medical Council of New Zealand. It should be noted that immigrant doctors are usually disfavoured in Medical Council proceedings.

Our thoughts are instantly drawn to the reprehensible treatment of many excellent doctors over the last year. They harmed no one, but took a stand that was unpopular with our corporate-controlled NZ government. Knowing that obese patients were vulnerable to covid morbidity and mortality, NZ media, regulators, and Ardern personally, launched a vitriolic media attack upon an American GP in Christchurch specialising in bariatric (weight loss) medicine.

In violation of NZ medical ethics and proper informed consent processes, the Ardern government pressured DHBs and employers to mandate vaccines, masks, and other ineffective measures through the formation of statutes inconsistent with settled laws, NZBORA 1990, and medical ethics (or medical science).

An American radiologist has been censored and persecuted for presenting the true science related to covid in his community lectures. An English GP has been persecuted for raising awareness of the failed informed consent process especially for pregnant women and those under age 60 who derive only risk and no benefit from the mRNA injections. An Irish GP has been persecuted for promoting the early treatment of covid with safe and effective ivermectin in his vulnerable community. Multiple American mental health professionals have been censored for going public with the adverse mental health impacts of Ms Ardern’s policies. An English opthalmologist who was generously building an eye hospital in Otago has been wrongfully persecuted for opposing the mandates. The consequence: No new eye hospital and one less ophthalmologist even as the waitlists for eye surgery in Southland are ballooning. Good job?

There are countless other examples of such persecution of NZ health care workers. In each of these cases, the doctors have either left NZ to practice in the less ludicrous nation from whence they came, or have been censored and sidelined from caring for their patients here because of the regressive behaviour of authoritarian fascist regulators. You might not think this is relevant, but almost half of the NZ doctor workforce have been trained overseas-trained. For those trained in NZ each year, almost half leave for more lucrative positions across the ditch.

It is clear that Ardern and her government clearly do not understand the first principles of supply and demand: if you want more of something it should be supported and subsidised, if you want less of something it should be taxed (i.e unsupported and persecuted). Or perhaps they do understand very well, and are getting exactly the collapse they want? The egregious decisions of the Ardern government (with opposition deafeningly silent) will be a toxic legacy for New Zealand for decades to come. Her legacy, if not checked, will be more corporate agendas and propaganda at  the expense of health workers and the lives and savings of New Zealanders.

In the immediate future, we will see the piercing sound of sirens rivalled by the sucking sound of the expense of overseas-trained doctors returning to their homelands. Ardern’s policies have likely cost more lives than they have saved. They must stop now. The opposition that wasn’t, including Act and National, are perhaps equally to blame.

Half the nation can be fooled when their television knobs are in the “on” position. The rest of us are indignant at what has happened and feel completely betrayed by those we trusted in government.

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