Premature Mortality and Natural Lifespan

Do New Zealand people need to understand mortality, to be able to find some kind of base position to steady their minds, at this time of young people dropping dead everywhere?

Reflections on Mortality

Is it not true that mortality, meaning death, is inevitable and comes to us all? Yes, but mostly when the body, through age, reaches the end of its ability to manage life, on average in our early 80s. 

Would a wise person’s counsel not describe how the very process of aging should allow us time and space for reflection, reconciliation and then some readiness to leave this life?

So people must understand that it is not in any way normal that precious younger healthy people just fall down dead with a heart attack or stroke or unexplained sudden medical event! No, this is not normal ‘life’ and is not what usually occurs in the great majority of people.

Suddenly we are faced with a seismic shift in the stats on mortality, and how. We are posting and speaking extensively on Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, and how age-standardised mortality rates are shooting up in the shot-up. 

Perhaps if the true cause is not recognised, then some may soon take on a delusional view (false belief) that somehow norms have adjusted and that we can expect others around us to die suddenly (at the ‘wrong’ time, but never ourselves of course!) by ailments that defy our biological nature.

‘Natural lifespan’ hasn’t changed, but it seems that heartless governments will encourage all sorts of ideas to spring up to hide the changes made to life expectancy via messing with the very fabric of life itself. Yes, by the highly un-natural mRNA gene therapy treatment, Trojan horsed as a vaccine.

I mean, think back – how often did we ever hear of sudden death in healthy young people, more than the occasional suicide or car accident?


It is notable too, though: the apparent increase in rapid and fatal cancers appearing at all ages but, again, more shockingly so in the young.

It is all very grim, but there is hope. Some medical doctors are working to find solutions to defeat these toxic spike proteins made by our hijacked cells, which in some are overwhelming them to illness and death. Solutions are becoming available, but a few important ones are those the government agencies have already demonised, along with the doctors that promote and prescribe them. 

So, if we want to restore the right to our octogenarian average life expectancy, we have to remove the obvious culprit, as referred to by famed, loved and much missed COVID doctor Vladimir Zelenko: “the poison death shots”.

As mRNA expert Dr Robert Malone says, the immune system is extremely complex, as complex as the nervous system, which is saying a lot. We all know it is barely understood (including by Pfizer and pals, so what were we thinking?) and so if you are prepared to let logic instruct you from the basis that the immune system has its own inherent intelligence then there is much hope in his statement.

To give you further hope and even confidence, this is what suppressed treatments such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin speak to, as they work with our immune system to defeat both the COVID illness and aspects of vaccine injury.

It is high crime indeed to rob our young of their birthright to a happy healthy future. It is only slightly less of a crime to let it continue, now that we know what is happening is neither normal nor remotely acceptable. What will YOU do to stop it?

If we insist on staying asleep, we may as well have died already, as far as our use to humanity goes.

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