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Watch: How The TGA Has Misled on Covid-19 Matters

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Senator Malcolm Roberts, Australia, calls out the TGA and asks what they are hiding.

TGA Implicated

He discusses how the Senate and the Australian people have been misled:

  1. The TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) has failed to assess the reproductive toxicology of the Covid vaccines.
  2. The TGA has failed to assess the impact of the mRNA and the related genetic issues on the human body.
  3. Gene based vaccine generated spike proteins can disrupt DNA repair mechanisms.
  4. Vaccine RNA can possibly be reverse transcribed into human genes.
  5. Pfizer data indicate that they accept there are 1,272 different adverse vaccine events, including paralysis and death
  6. It is estimated that the database of adverse events is under reporting side-effects nine fold.
  7. Two databases of adverse event notifications are kept, one internal showing all reports of harm and one public that shows only a part of those.
  8. Pathological (disease causing) clumps of Spike protein and immune cells in inflamed organs in autopsies in deaths related to the C-19 vaccination.
  9. The TGA is failing to conduct autopsies when doctors have reported patients as having died from the vaccines.
  10. Whistle blowers have reported inadequacies, irregularities and possible fraud in the original Pfizer trial was used to authorise the injections.
  11. Frequent vaccination against respiratory viruses runs the risk of desensitising the immune responses to the virus, leading to lower immunity and a worse illness due to the virus.

In Summary

Vaccines are doing more harm than good. The government and the TGA will not get away with this.

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