Covid-19 Fraud

Revealing Covid-19 Fraud and Collusion: Evidence of a Global Crime Against Humanity

Alexandra (Sasha) Latypova is well placed to recognise and speak about the Covid-19 fraud taking place today under the guise of “public health”. Retired prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, she has 25 years experience as a pharmaceutical industry executive, working in data analysis and clinical trial research and development.

Latypova recently testified to the Corona Investigative Committee on evidence of the Covid-19 inoculations including research and regulatory fraud, reckless manufacturing practices and evidence of adverse events. She writes for Trial Site News.

On 30 September 2022 she delivered a presentation titled C-19 Injections, Regulatory and Manufacturing Fraud: Evidence of collusion between the manufacturers, global regulatory agencies and the US Department of Defense. This crucial information ties in with NZDSOS’ concerns regarding the contamination of “vaccine” vials, determinedly ignored by regulatory authorities, and associated health harms to the New Zealand public, including deaths and injuries, which are also determinedly ignored.

Watch: Covid-19 Fraud and Collusion Outlined

To summarise the hour-long presentation briefly, the following evidence is presented:

  • Complete lack of compliance of the Covid-19 “vaccine” products with current good manufacturing practices (cGMP);
  • Undeclared, toxic and unidentified ingredients found in vials as reported in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research, 3 September 2022, which she discusses in detail;
  • Concerning levels and patterns of adverse events associated with product lot numbers, differing across manufacturer, time and geographical area;
  • Lack of accountability suggesting deliberate intent to harm, as supported by the Pfizer Documents Analysis Project, described by Dr Naomi Wolf on GBNews at 19m30s here and elaborated specifically in Dr Wolf’s discussion with Maajid Nawaz from 1h16m here);
  • Extreme reproductive harms including significant foetal malformations in trials whilst “safety” is claimed by manufacturers without regulatory challenge;
  • Bureaucratic structures show conflicting commercial interests and product co-ownership between the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies;
  • Major standard safety tests were and continue to be avoided; usual regulatory processes were not employed; and further testing will be avoided on the argument that mRNA vaccines are an approved “platform”, meaning changes to inserted genetic instructions can be made without regulatory input, with hundreds of new products planned.
  • This slide is elaborated upon extensively and supports NZDSOS’ ongoing concerns regarding vial contamination;
Covid-19 Fraud Vaccine Contamination
  • The US Department of Defense are intimately involved in the Covid-19 fraud taking place with regard to the pharmaceutical products, including manufacture, industry contracts and foreign government contracts.
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