Letter to Dr Shane Reti

Letter to Dr Shane Reti and the Other Bystander Usual Suspects

One of our occasional writers, a mandated-out nurse of many years experience now lost to the health system, picked up the speech of a proper politician, Senator Gerard Rennick in Australia, and hopes it might inspire our own. She emailed the link to PM Hipkins, relevant ministers and opposition health spokesman Dr Shane Reti.

However, she describes (and questioned) one NZ politician who has been goaded out of near-retirement by the unending trail of lies he has discovered since he left the government in 2020.  NZ First seems to be more than just ‘the Winston party’ these days, but it is stirring to see him unafraid to be publicly recorded calling out the Medical Council’s censorship of doctors and its potential law breaking, and for a full independent enquiry into all aspects of covid, including the deaths and injuries.

Shane Reti Primum non nocere

She tells us:

I sent this off today to Dr Shane Reti and others. No doubt not one of them will respond or offer a rebuttal.

‘Of course I welcome any rebuttals you are able to provide. However, your individual and collective silences on these matters, matters which demonstrate the need for someone to remember the moral and ethical imperatives at stake, thus far have been staggering.

This 11 minute video below, by Australia’s Senator Rennick, encapsulates all one needs to know about the current situation, regarding Pfizer and its Covid injection and the egregious abuse of power by those paid to regulate, to assure and to protect those injured by this product, as well as the vast majority of trusting and naive New Zealanders.

I applaud Australia’s Senator Rennick for his courage, integrity and clarity. His understanding of the scientific facts and the harmful scientific methodologies employed by Pfizer, in regards to the experimental gene-based product with its Spike Protein, is admirable.

Would that we had politicians here in NZ willing and capable of this level of intelligence, intestinal fortitude, communication and tenacity, at a time when all around them have buried their heads in the sand, we might be looking to a future that the next generation can say ‘thank you to,’ because if no one unravels this ‘crime against humanity,’ the future will be bleak and no doubt, history will repeat itself.

At least Winston Peters has started on his  journey of truth and asserts that he will ensure this never happens again and that a duty of care and due diligence will become exercised for those impacted by this crime against them, in NZ.

There must be no excuses made for medical and scientific malfeasance or wilful ignorance. There must be condemnation of the complicity by those who took the Hippocratic Oath and other Pledges, who still remain silent and still seek consents for and administer these experimental injections, ignoring the lawful requirements for the process of Informed Consent.

Primum Non Nocere! “

Senator Rennick has just furthered the cause of truth and justice some more as he grills two hapless but curiously unemotional Pfizer executives. An example here, and the full 2 hour hearing here. They seemed to admit they don’t know how the vaccine works, and that Pfizer Australia imported a special batch for its employees via a backdoor route that escaped TGA scrutiny. We doubt somehow that any injuries will turn up from that batch, or that the numbers will show up on www.howbadismybatch.info 

Finally, Dr Shane Reti, the spokesman on health from what is laughingly known as our government opposition, and who aspires to be our next minister – be careful what you wish for, Dr Reti – has been told directly by several NZDSOS members, in no uncertain terms, of the burden of jab injuries choking our health system, and has seen for himself the baffling (to him) overload of our hospitals. Will he make good on his promise to fix it? He’ll have to do what no single parliamentarian or bureaucrat or most senior doctors have done so far. Acknowledge the cause!

Dr Shane Reti and NZ Politicians: Please Watch and Learn

In contrast,  we have Gerard Rennick’s colleague, Queensland senator Malcolm Roberts who is another brave politician. He spells out the conspiracy of interests that has enabled  C19 and its ‘vaccine’ to be just another opportunity for the military industrial complex to profit and power grab at the expense of human health, freedom and our very future.

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