Bivalent Booster Betrayal

Bivalent Booster Betrayal FI
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Bivalent approval FDA

In the United States as of 18 April 2023, the monovalent Pfizer vaccine is no longer authorised for use though monovalent vaccines ‘remain authorised for export under certain conditions’.  

The current bivalent vaccine, against previous Original and Omicron BA.4/BA.5 strains, is to be used for all doses administered to individuals 6 months of age and older.

This is regardless of whether it is being used as a primary course or as a first or second booster in the US. There is a confusing array of time frames depending on age, immune status and number of previous doses – three doses over 11 weeks; or perhaps 8 weeks, 2 months or 4 months following a previous dose.  

This Omicron booster was tested on 8 mice before being authorised for use in human beings.

Will NZ follow suit and ditch the monovalent vaccines or is there still a stash to be used up – vaccines that taxpayers have paid vast amounts for? Despite their cost however, the vaccines are being shown to be neither safe nor effective as demonstrated by a fourth wave of infections in our highly vaccinated population, along with overflowing hospitals and record excess mortality.

The current dominant strain in NZ is XBB while the bivalent booster mRNA codes for Omicron B.A.4/5.​​​​​​​

Declining vaccine uptake according to Ministry of Health website earlier this month seems to suggest the marketing isn’t working.  Fewer and fewer people are interested in repeat business.

Whichever 4th and 5th shot people end up getting, they are not lawful as they did not go through Medsafe approval under the Medicines Act and the two consecutive Directors-General of Health did not receive a clear positive risk-benefit assessment from the Ministry of Health approvals committee before also satisfying themselves that the benefits strongly outweigh the risks.

Thus the ‘consent’ to use is unlawful.

Bivalent World Council for Health Statement Sep 22
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  1. This and ALL your work regarding the orchestrated assault on humanity is commendable to say the very least!

    Apply this comment to ALL your refreshingly divorced from agendas work.

    Sadly, New Zealand is worse than the actual police state of Australia thanks to Jacinda and her leftist – utterly brutal – acolytes, and (as every firearms owner knows) – the muscle of government …. POLICE.

    This last three years of anti constitutional absurdity WILL be repeated because NZ is subservient to the greatest threat to humanity on this planet – The supposedly “United” Nations.

  2. Poor mice having is rubbish injected into them. If you want to test do not involve animals. Humane non-animal testing is available and more accurate.

  3. My 7 yr old Daughter has had symptoms of Vomiting , High temperature , basic flu symptoms , I used a RAT test and she was negative , we took her to hospital here in Ashburton , and she was tested for with swab similar to PCR , and sent to lab to see if she had Flu or Covid ect .
    It came back positive for Covid , yet 3 Rat tests later they are all negative, my wife and I are negative also with no symptoms .
    Five days later she is still off colour but vomiting and Temperatures left 2 days ago , I must say I’m suspicious of the test in Hospital , we all had Covid about a year before, all of us are “unvaccinated “ and our Rats on that occasion were dark positive , and remained so for about a month !
    On a separate note , my Niece in the US is a Nurse in an Aged care facility in California , she is giving Ivermectin too Covid patients as part of protocol , surprising me , in a good way , I also see the Australian Government have lifted they’re Ban on Ivermectin under prescription !

  4. Is it a bio weapon care of the military of the globalists?
    Or have l climbed way too far down the rabbit hole?

  5. The simple fact that the Goverment does not permit any discussion on Covid not even with my family doctor tells me enough. Last year I asked the Minister of Health a question related to the government’s contract with Pfizer.
    I have in my possession a copy of leaked 21 page contract from the Dominion Republc, in Spanish and an English translation. I forwarded a copy of the contract to the Minister of Health asking him in accordance with the OIA (Official Information Act ) if the NZ contract with Pfizer is identical. One may assume it is. In the contract are some disturbing paragraphs relating to safety aspects and indemnity. It also states that members of both sides of the house should be unanimous in accepting the conditions.
    There never came a reply and my access to the Minister was blocked.

  6. The excess covid vaccine will be Past off as the Flu vaccine, and as there is apparently an outbreak of Measles I would not put it past them to use the mRNA to fight that!!!!

  7. Time is going to tell, about the piosonous vax death jabs, and boosters, aiming at world population control for the WEF.NWO, CFR. also to purge, the middle class, so as to bring in the new breed of Feudal /Fascism,Communism which they have always wanted. Yes, indeed.

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