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Government Lies vs. Scientific Analysis at The Hatchard Report

The New Zealand government is struggling with damage control management as Dr Guy Hatchard reports on evidence of ongoing lies and horrific consequences to the population from the jab. New Zealanders deserve to know the true data and the way that it is being scrutinised. Whilst politicians feed us with obfuscation, lies and catch phrases (“safe and effective”), scientists such as Dr Hatchard conduct in-depth analyses followed up with coherent reports.

People in authority lie. People in authority will abuse every power we relinquish to them . . . this is the product of a pharmaceutical driven bio-security agenda that will enslave the entire human race.” ~ Robert F Kennedy Jr, Berlin, August 2020

Scientific Analysis vs Political Lies at The Hatchard Report

A series of recent articles at The Hatchard Report illustrate a distortion of truth of a magnitude that most struggle to fathom.

On 19 April 2023 Dr Hatchard reflected on the lies being sold as health care today, from face masks to the threat of mRNA vaccines entering the human food chain unlabelled. With 75% of the world now having had at least one Covid-19 “vaccine”, those in authority are the majority and unlikely to question their own actions.

On 21 April 2023 a Te Whatu Ora whistleblower’s data from Wellington region shows that the number of heart attacks have doubled since five years ago and continue to rise. On 23 April Dr Hatchard recaps the data further, including an astonishing 83% increase in hospitalisations for heart attacks; 33% hospitalisation increase for myocarditis; 25% each for miscarriages, stillbirths and strokes; and 40% for acute kidney injury. Authorities continue to claim that the unprecedented levels of excess death must be due to covid, against all evidence, and continue to promote mRNA vaccinations in an already heavily-vaccinated population now experiencing extreme harm. Dr Hatchard considers some possible reasons for the increase in illness.

The lies that Sir Ashley Bloomfield so comfortably told to New Zealanders are outlined by Dr Hatchard in his 24 April article, again referencing the data leak from Te Whatu Ora in Wellington. Whilst claiming in December 2021 that the overall risk for myocarditis following covid-19 vaccination was 3 in 100,000, documents reveal that Bloomfield had to have known that the incidence in Wellington’s injected population by September 2021 was 42 times higher than he claimed. Communications from Bloomfield’s team disregarded obvious cause for concern. Surely there is a crime here, to lie knowingly, and push on?

Finally, on 25 April 2023 Dr Hatchard reports on a response received by a subscriber from the Minister for Statistics and Associate Minister for Justice, Dr Deborah Russell MP after being sent Hatchard’s article from the day prior. He shows with precision, and not without irony, the obfuscation and lies predictably used by Dr Russell who relied on a US magazine opinion piece as her “evidence” against Hatchard’s analysis, before launching into ad hominem attacks about his qualifications.

Three years ago, we were ignorant and naive.  We did not think our government would lie to the population of New Zealand.  Over the last three years we have reluctantly reached the conclusion that they have lied to us on a most monstrous scale and the lies are getting bigger and more egregious but also harder to conceal. 

It started with ‘little’ lies such as:

  • covid was a deadly pandemic and we were all at risk of serious illness, 
  • the initial lockdown was legal, 
  • there were no effective treatments,
  • provisional consent was appropriate for a medication to be used on the whole population,
  • a PCR run to forty cycles gave meaningful information, 
  • Chris James of Medsafe was able to approve the Pfizer vaccine,
  • the vaccine was safe and effective,
  • the vaccine would be government-tested and all injected would be followed up,
  • the vaccine stayed in the deltoid muscle and quickly degraded, within hours,
  • the unvaccinated would die, deservedly so as they “rejected science”, and infect everyone else whilst they did so,
  • anti-vax doctors and other practitioners are just crazy and should have their businesses stolen and licences cancelled,
  • myocarditis is rare, mild and short-lived,
  • NZ has world class pharmacovigilance in place,
  • etc, etc.

Now we are into the big lies – the numbers of dead New Zealanders that are being swept under the carpet, aided and abetted by the Coroners Amendment Act which came into force on 4 April 2023 and which allows coroners to label a death as being due to ‘unascertained natural causes’.  Most of us will by now know at least one person who has died or become unwell shortly after a covid vaccination. Also, the lie that the health system is in great shape, overwhelmed as it is with more of all diseases, including more younger people than usual.

It is time every MP was asked for the numbers of heart attacks, strokes, stillbirths, myocarditis, new cancers in their region.  MPs can ask for this information under the Official Information Act and it has to be provided within 5 days.  When a member of the public asks for such information, it can take 20 days or longer if the information is even released at all.  When this information is in the public arena, then discussion can begin about causes and solutions.

Are you concerned about the lies? Or about New Zealand’s excess mortality and why our hospitals are overflowing? If you want to do something about it, you could start by asking questions of your MP and demanding they be answered. We believe the truthful answers easily could prove criminal wrongdoing. There can be no doubt now, our lives depend on their answers.

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  1. “The truth does not mind being questioned. A lie does not like being challenged” we had a liar running (ruining) the country with her ruthless ambition and using nz as a stepping-stone for her plans for personal profit and ego (world domination). Look at the carnage now.

  2. The truth does not mind being questioned. A lie does not like being challenged end quote, we had a liar running (ruining) the country with her ruthless ambition and using nz as a stepping-stone for her plans for personal profit and ego (world domination). Look at the carnage now.

  3. Truth will be revealed, but by then it will be too late for a lot of previously healthy peopleJ

  4. Very simple !! Parrot the USA and make sure every DESK DWELLER who might become a whistle blower is sacked in time.
    Science ??? what was that again. Non excisting in most countries.
    Mr Ashley Gloomfield ?? should be tried and locked up for the rest of his life. So should Mr Baker

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