Bloomfield’s Lies and Lockdowns (Updated)

Bloomfield Lies
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We re-publish this article with updated information made available from other New Zealand analysts working on the same issues as NZDSOS.

Ashley Bloomfield has a seat at the table of ‘global health’ which has in fact become a guise for the establishment of global fascism. It is clear that digital identification and further mandated “public health interventions” such as quarantines, lockdowns, experimental pharmaceuticals and other profitable merchandise are in the planning. Covid was a precursor for what lies ahead unless enough of us refuse and re-organise society to shield our democratic rights and freedoms.

A better word for fascism is corporatism. It’s the merger of state and corporate power. Rather than the state seizing the means of production, it begins a partnership with corporates for the purposes of profit. That’s what we began witnessing during the covid period … Some of the wealthiest companies on the planet. Big tech companies. Big pharmaceutical companies. Pfizer. If you were to look up who paid the largest criminal fine in history, the results that pop up are Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline

The assumption that these companies exist for your benefit must really be interrogated. They exist for profit. And you are the thing that needs to be exploited for the purposes of profit. So when the state began a partnership with these corporates … during the covid mandate in particular, our states … were no longer serving their people, but rather they were serving vested interests for the purposes of maximising profit.

That’s fascism …
” ~ Maajid Nawaz

Sir Ashley Bloomfield as he is now titled, left his position as Director-General of Health shortly before beginning life as a professor at Auckland University, in the School of Population Health. He is allegedly ‘helping to translate and apply research into policies that directly impact communities.’ This, combined with his connections at the highly corrupted World Health Organisation, and the indoctrination of the New Zealand population in which he engaged so ritualistically during 2020-2021, should concern us all. Particularly because he is now claiming that “lockdowns may have a place” in our future.

This ominous warning is quoted in a 25 March 2023 Radio New Zealand article by Sam Olley, Negative excess mortality sign NZ got it right with Covid-19 response – Sir Ashley Bloomfield. Ominous because yet again, Bloomfield’s claims are a distortion of the truth. As usual he offers no reference, assuming that his audience will blindly believe his claim without doing their own research. We wonder what numbers Sir Bloomfield is referring to when he claims that “three years on from the first lockdown, Aotearoa still had negative excess mortality“?

Comparing Excess Mortality Against Bloomfield’s Opinion

According to Stats NZ, New Zealand’s mortality in both 2021 and 2022, directly after the rollout of our “safe and effective” covid-19 vaccination program, has steadily increased to above what was expected. Based on this simple misrepresentation of the truth alone, do we really want Sir Bloomfield determining our nation’s health policies and representing us on the international stage?

The average mortality rate is calculated by adding total deaths in each year for the five years directly preceding the pandemic and dividing by five. Excess mortality is then calculated as the difference between this average, and the total deaths recorded for the year.

Bloomfield lies excess mortality Stats NZ

In a September 2022 article (Best in Show) for the New Zealand Centre for Political Research, Professor John Gibson offers an explanation of further data dishonesty.  He provides evidence that across all age groups between 2008-2019, annual death rates in New Zealand declined steadily and sharply.  Using an average of annual death rates from 2008 to 2019 as the denominator in calculating expected number of deaths belies this decline, making the denominator higher than it should be and therefore hiding a much starker difference between deaths in recent and current years.

Professor Gibson also discusses other concerns with the data presented to New Zealanders, such as the way that vaccination status is determined.  Death certificates do not include NHI numbers, which are needed to link vaccination status, and he suggests other possible counting errors.  

In his 27 March article Sir Ashley Bloomfield is Incorrect, Dr Guy Hatchard highlights more dishonesty.  Not only have deaths risen in synchrony with the vaccine rollout, but hospitalisations for a range of conditions recognised as possible adverse effects to the vaccines have doubled.

Contrary to Bloomfield’s claims of a successful pandemic response, New Zealand analysts are identifying in concurrence with our international counterparts, an emerging health catastrophe.   

There are other ways of looking at a nation’s average and excess mortality but, which ever way you slice ‘n’ dice the numbers, the same truth is emerging. In heavily vaccinated countries, very clear patterns show the jabs are killing people, and not just the elderly. To continue to lie otherwise, as Bloomfield and crew keep doing, is just digging deeper holes for themselves, and more graves for our innocents.

We heard from a supporter today, and her assessment of Dr Bloomfield’s contribution provides a fitting conclusion.

Bloomfield Lies Edited Comment
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  1. In Canada We have a close parallel to to your WEF tyranny to get the “safe and effective “ clot shot! In a morbid irony, many of the over 100 young doctors advocating the shot died “of unknown causes” after being fully vaxxed. This is the leading cause of death in heavily vaxxed Province of Alberta. Gov’ts are looking after you! Anyone need some Phizer clot shots? Trudeau has 80 million in stock- nobody here wants them! Got a deal on masks too.

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