The Lost Art of Political Debate

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MHRA – Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency in UK

JCVI –  Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunisation – UK committee that recommends vaccinations

TGA – Therapeutic Goods Administration – Australian medicines regulator

In the international political arena and halls of power, questions are at last being asked.  They may not yet be being heard and they certainly aren’t being answered to anyone’s satisfaction, nor are they generating debate, but at least they are being asked.

Not so here in New Zealand. While we like to think we punch above our weight, once again we are late to the party.  We were late to appreciate that the injections did not prevent infection and did not prevent transmission, and have not yet appreciated that the boosters are neither effective nor needed and that pregnant women and children should never be subjected to experimental injections.

International Politicians

In the UK parliament on the 17 March 2023  MP Andrew Bridgen spoke about the harms of the covid vaccine programme among other things (27 mins).  The video was initially deleted off Mr Bridgen’s own You Tube channel but was reinstated after a large hue and cry.

Note the managed exodus of other MPs as he begins to speak.  Why would they all walk out?  Are they ashamed of the damage and harm they have been party to?  Are they scared of retribution? Do they not believe the stories of thousands of people?  Have they been bribed or threatened?

He asked why the MHRA would no longer be publicly reporting the Yellow Card updates of adverse events.  (We note that the last Safety Report from NZ’s Medsafe was in Nov 2022 with no further reports being planned despite a new product, the bivalent booster, being administered.  Is this a worldwide phenomenon to try to hide the damning data?)

Mr Bridgen spoke about the fate of the many citizens harmed by vaccines and ignored by the medical profession.  His data showed that one in 800-1000 people were expected to have a serious adverse event following their Pfizer booster.

He described the Number Needed to Vaccinate (NNV) data which showed that in order to prevent one hospitalisation with a serious covid infection in an over-70yr-old with underlying conditions, 800 booster doses would have to be administered with the expectation of one serious adverse event requiring hospitalisation.  The NNVs were significantly higher for other lower risk groups such that the rate of hospitalisation for adverse events far, far outweighed any benefit of reduced covid infection.

His comment that if the UK continued with this ‘absolute madness’ was: “We would be engaging in expensive state-sponsored self-harm on a national scale.”

He also revealed that the MHRA receives 86% of its funding from the pharmaceutical industry, that JCVI members had over $1 billion worth of investments in pharmaceutical companies and that 2/3 of NHS staff refused the autumn booster in 2022.

The UK Minister, Will Quince, responded on behalf of the Under-Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, with what sounded like a pre-written advertising campaign for the covid vaccination program.  The science that Mr Bridgen presented was not considered or debated.  His questions were not answered.

In Australia, Senator Alex Antic of South Australia is also asking the questions (4.5 mins) the public have about substantial excess all-cause mortality and whether it could be due to mRNA vaccines.  There was an increase of 33,601 deaths between 2020 and 2022 in Australia.

Also in Australia, Senator Gerard Rennick of Queensland in this discussion with Dr John Campbell (47 mins) discusses the contents of the recently obtained TGA Pfizer Non-Clinical Evaluation document.

Some of the points covered include the differences between vaccine and viral mRNA, the significant lack of data about many aspects of both the synthetic mRNA and the resultant spike protein, lack of data about the proprietary lipids, the variation in manufacturing practices between the small batches made for the trial and the large batches made for worldwide distribution, the fact that the TGA receives 96% of its funding from the pharmaceutical industry and Moderna’s plans to build a manufacturing plant in Australia to produce 100 million mRNA vaccines. 

He mentioned that AusVax, the active surveillance program which sent a text on day 3 post vaccination, found that 1% of people needed to seek medical advice/go to hospital by day 3 post vaccine. This is an astonishing level of harm, and was planned for by the NZ govt too, before the national rollout began.

Senator Rennick proves himself to be a very knowledgeable politician with an excellent grip on the science as well as on the concerns of scientists, doctors and ordinary citizens.  Australians are lucky to have such a fine man representing them.

Finally in Germany, the health minister Karl Lauterbach was recently interviewed on television (15 mins) about the fate of the vaccine injured.  First up were the stories of two German citizens who had been damaged by the vaccine – a 17 yr old former gymnast now paralysed and in a wheelchair after her second Pfizer vaccine and a lawyer who suffered a cerebral venous sinus thrombosis requiring neurosurgery following his Astra-Zeneca vaccine, who has had to learn to walk and talk again.

The health minster admitted that the covid vaccines were capable of causing significant and permanent harm and that health officials had been slow to acknowledge this.  He also admitted that there was a serious lack of effective treatments, that injured people were not being compensated adequately and that post vax syndrome had many similarities with long covid.

He was asked why many agencies did not believe that people were vaccine-injured and would not reply when contacted.  He mentioned a rate of serious adverse events of 1 in 10,000 vaccinations. Although a marked undersestimate, that level of harm  previously has stopped other vaccine campaigns immediately.

It was pointed out that the manufacturers had no liability even though the vaccines were known to be in an ongoing clinical trial with only provisional approval when they were rolled out.  It was also noted that the government of Germany barreled ahead with the ‘safe and effective’ message even though they had no evidence to back that up. (Sounds familiar! – see Cranmer substack for NZ details)

As a German politician he was being asked serious questions that the public wanted answers to and he was decent enough to front up and answer them.

We have previously written about US and European politicians who are speaking on behalf of the people.

New Zealand Politicians

Meanwhile here in New Zealand NO-ONE in politics is asking questions, let alone answering them.  Where are all our elected Members of Parliament and why aren’t they representing the people?

One person is standing up for New Zealanders.  Dr Matt Shelton, Democracy NZ candidate for Ohariu in Wellington, recently asked questions of Dr Shane Reti and Nicola Willis about vaccine injuries at a political meeting after they blanked his friend describing his own vaccine injury and those of his clients.  Oddly enough, his comments were interrupted, and his question was met with silence and no answer too. 

Why the silence in NZ?  The public increasingly knows what is going on.  The truth can only be hidden for so long.  Will the real men and women who will represent New Zealanders please stand up.

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