A Treacherous Global Pandemic Treaty. Resist Tyrannical WHO While You Can: A Final Project for 2022

WHO Pandemic Treaty
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It is becoming beyond urgent to understand and resist one particular strand of all that is imminent. In fact, the move by world governments to sign up to the WHO global pandemic treaty is the principal mechanism, all outwardly very warm and fuzzy, by which our remaining freedoms could completely disappear.

Our country and many others will be completely beholden to WHO’s definitions of what constitutions a health emergency, and the dictates it compels against the people. The digital apparatus to enable a health passport easily integrates digital currency and financial controls, track and trace of cases etc. We have written on all this before. 

Mike Adams of Natural News interviews Francis Boyle, a recognised expert on pandemic treaties and bioweapons who has drafted much international legislation himself. Early in 2020 he was calling out Covid-19 as a bioweapon released from Wuhan Institute of Virology before anyone else, a view now generally accepted as being absolutely correct. 

Here is Mike’s article on the pandemic treaty, which contains the interview, which is also available separately here.

In the article Mike refers to James Roguski, who has laid out what the current pandemic treaty entails for the many countries tied to the WHO agenda – tied, as we now know to such illustrious ‘humanitarian’ organisations as the CCP, WEF, GAVI, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Penalty clauses for countries that refuse to enact overbearing controls on their citizens for the pandemic du jour, allow for UN troops to enter the country to enforce compliance. 

Don’t think it can happen here?  Why do we think we were taught history, then? As a warning of what some psychopathic people are capable of. What parts of the last 3 years did we ever imagine we would see in our lifetimes, here in ‘free’ New Zealand?

Forced experimentation on pregnant women and children; lockups; forced face coverings against all scientific evidence; business closures with fines for disobedience; travel restrictions; border controls; widespread deaths and injuries with resulting cover-ups and press silence; literal sabotage of our ability to refine our own oil; radical attacks on water, the health system, farming, and race relations. 

The move to firmly equate global health with the climate by bodies like WHO, WEF and UN is for one reason only – to justify further terrible impositions, that they hope we have gotten used to, on whatever freedoms we have left. All in the guise of saving the planet. But for whom is it being saved for?

Truly dark times are being planned. It is the only explanation for everything we are seeing. Complain to your MP and demand they pull us from the global “governance” structures that are only about power and control. Reassert your own. Join a freedom group, or sign up to NZRising.co.nz.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Then use the fear to do what is right.

Approach Your MP and Demand Withdrawal from the Pandemic Treaty

Complain to your MP and demand they pull us from the global “governance” structures that are only about one thing – power and control.

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Then use the fear to do what is right.

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