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Watch: Gene Therapy by Pfizer C-19 Injection?

Dr Cindy de Villiers discusses recent findings indicating that the spike protein produced from the C-19 injections can get into the nucleus of the cell. The nucleus of the cell houses the DNA in a protective structure.

Laboratory evidence now exists that shows that the spike protein that is made in the body after the C-19 injection, gets into the cell’s nucleus where it stops the DNA from repairing itself. This has concerning consequences for not only immunity, the very thing the injections are supposed to improve, but also for cancer.

Even more concerning is the possibility that the synthetic mRNA in the C-19 injections gets into the nucleus and then into the DNA. Does this mean that our DNA will now send this code to our cells to make spike protein for the rest of our lives?

This may be a double whammy:

  1. Damaged immune system
  2. Continual production of spike protein from SARS-CoV-2 that causes Covid-19

We do not know for sure but we are concerned.

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