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Dr Matt Shelton on TNT radio about NZ Covid Response, Horrific Injuries and Deaths

On TNT radio, a live 24/7 news talk station, Dr Matt Shelton speaks with the Australian-based Jason Q regarding covid injections and the unfolding situation in New Zealand. They discuss key topics including vaccine injuries, vaccine deaths, myocarditis/pericarditis, the suppression of early treatments and political deception.

At the commencement of the interview, Jason reads out the latest NZDSOS open letter to Medsafe manager, Chris James, and the NZ Police. This letter highlights the defective paediatric trials and the high incidence of adverse effects of the pfizer injection, crucial information which the man in charge of our country’s medical regulatory body should be acutely aware of.

Information of this magnitude cannot be ignored any more, given undeniable evidence of fraud and deception. It is Medsafe’s responsibility to investigate these adverse effects and deaths given the experimental nature of this novel medical intervention. The economic and societal costs of New Zealand’s pandemic management are immeasurable. This information was also sent to all members of parliament, the police commission, children’s commissioner and the Ombudsman.

Dr Matt Shelton’s interview delves into many aspects of the covid pandemic management in New Zealand. Trends about vaccine injuries and deaths are being seen in New Zealand but are also comparable around the world in highly vaccinated countries. All cause mortality is higher than it’s ever been, which is VERY concerning! Matt Shelton, with 42 years of experience as a doctor, is astounded by the airy silence from authorities given the gravely concerning information and evidence that is compiling. It seems that many politicians, celebrities and journalists are currently practicing medicine without a license!

There has been immense loss of trust in the medical profession but Dr Shelton, and NZDSOS, encourage compassion and understanding for healthcare workers in an impossible situation. It is important to remember there is huge collective power in a group.

We highly encourage you to listen to the interview, which can be viewed in the link below.

Listen: Dr Matt Shelton speaking with Jason Q on TNT Radio – July 8 2022

LISTEN (from 07:40 mins) : Matt Shelton speaking with Jason Q

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