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Another Letter to the New Zealand Coroner: A Plea to Adhere to Evidence and Ethics

​Prompted by our concerns regarding the death of Divya Simon, NZDSOS have written another letter to the Chief Coroner, shared below. We outline the range of concerns we have which include:

  • frequency of deaths occurring in temporal relationship to administration of Comirnaty;
  • a horrifying divergence between mainstream media reports and the actual evidence;
  • known harms of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein used as the antigenic basis for Covid-19 vaccines;
  • emerging trends occurring globally including in New Zealand, of infertility, miscarriage, ‘turbo cancers’, heart attacks, strokes, recurrent covid and other infections, and elevated total deaths;
  • the need for carefully conducted autopsies following scientific methods shown to assist in confirming causal links with Covid-19 vaccination;
  • the failings of existing pharmacovigilance systems to detect pharmaceutical harms.

We make an earnest offer to meet with the coroner to discuss these and other concerns that we have, in an attempt to collaborate on solutions for the emerging catastrophe. It is time for all medical professionals to make a stand, returning to the principles of ethics and evidence based practice.

Read: Letter to New Zealand Coroner Outlining Evidence of Harm

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  1. Well done team – just what the doctor ordered! Keep up your excellent work.

  2. Keep up the great work guys ,if nothing else it provides an evidentuary trail , we are trying to give the existing government structure every possibly oportunity to do the right thing , they have [in theory ] been elected to serve this nations people , and many are under oath to do so . The sooner any actual humans with souls wake up and start blowing whistles the better for all ,doubling down and covering up only proves guilt rather than being a decieved ‘usefull idiot’. The sad fact that anyone with more than two brain cells can smell egregious even erebusian sized mountainous litanies of lies . An orchestrated preplanned genocide and plot for global controll with political leaders and the sock puppet media totally bought and payed for to carry it out . In the US they have ‘fake news’ ,as in those funded by big pharma and big tech [also basically run by the cia ],our home grown version is the ‘BSmedia’.

  3. Hey Down Under!
    What you describe is exactly what has been happening in the U.S. and Canada. Criminals like Fauci and others in the CDC, Health Canada and the rest should stand trial for lying about the adverse reactions including deaths that they personally orchestrated and were fully aware of. In Alberta, Canada the most vaxed population, the leading cause of death now is from “unknown causes“. The spike protein will ensure that this will continue for years to come!

  4. She and the Government will just continue to ignore you until the public at large realises what is happening. All you can do is keep sending letters until it pricks their conscience and they do something about it.

  5. I confirm the above and would witness in court as to the harms I have witnessed personally from the jab

  6. You are doing a great job folks. Keep up the good work. I am impressed with how you stay right on point with the salient points being presented.

    Your comment ‘horrifying divergence’ concerning the total lack of honesty displayed by the old mainstream TV news media, is being very civil and kind. But put bluntly, the news media lies deliberately concerning many political issues, of which the Covid19 debacle is but one.

    They do the bidding of the (ultimate) owners of the news corporations who dance to the beat of a different drum. Sadly their goals are not conducive to the welfare of democratic nations, or the human race in general.

    And they do not like the truth. It plays havoc with their agendas. Keep presenting the truth.

    Their needs to be a genuine commission of enquiry into Covid19 and the vaxines used. And it needs to be conducted (and presided over) with total transparency, and with total honesty and integrity. Only genuine evidence, facts and testimony may be admitted into the enquiry, and lies and deceit totally excluded.

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