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Dr McCann – Therapeutic Goods Association Attempts to Censor the Truth

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Australian GP and former pharmacist:

Dr McCann spoke in Sydney at the Vaccine Conference supported by the United Australia Party (UAP) in Feb 2023.  She is chair of UAPs Health and Policy Committee.

Dr McCann gave a powerful presentation about her awakening to the problems with covid 19 vaccination and to the plight of the vaccine injured as well as her attempts to get acknowledgement and support for them.  As a former pharmacist and a doctor practising clinical medicine, she is eminently qualified to discuss the adverse effects of covid vaccination.

She described FEAR being the predominant emotion during 2020 and 2021, fear of a virus perpetuated by the media initially, then fear generated amongst doctors by their regulator, the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Authority (AHPRA equivalent to MCNZ in New Zealand) when a Position Statement was issued on 9 Mar 2021. 

This guidance prescribed how doctors must portray covid vaccinations and threatened them if they spoke against the government narrative. 

As a practising doctor she became concerned during 2021 as the number of patients she saw with serious and unusual medical events following vaccination kept on growing – a young person with extensive blood clots, several people with strokes, patient after patient with miscarriages requiring D&Cs, patients with chest pain and debilitating neurological symptoms.  In one week she saw 4 patients with confirmed myocarditis. 

It would normally be very rare for a GP to see more than a couple of cases of myocarditis during their career.

She decided to look at the TGA/DAEN database and was horrified to see the reported death of a 14 year old, reports of cardiac arrest in other teenagers with death as a recorded outcome and report after report of serious cardiac events in young people.  

In November 2021 she wrote to the Australian Health Minister and expressed her concerns asking for a halt to the rollout while investigations took place.  Her concerns were fobbed off by John Skerrit who stated there were 100-150 sudden cardiac deaths in young people in Australia each year.

She described how, in contrast to the current increasingly alarming safety signals following covid vaccination being ignored, in 2010 the childhood flu vaccination program was halted on the basis of a small number of reports of febrile convulsions from nurses and doctors. 

She labelled mandates a ‘catastrophe of medical ethics’ – a sentiment we would wholeheartedly agree with.

Deaths post covid vaccination:

She questioned the process of assessing causality in cases of death post-vaccination as there have been over 900 deaths reported to the TGA/DAEN but ‘only’ 14 have been assessed as being due to covid vaccination.  She wanted to look at the data herself. (It is notable that our NZ ” official deaths” vs reported deaths vs unofficial numbers are all pro rata very similar to Australia).

Following an ‘unexpectedly arduous consultation process’ she received documents via OIA (Official Information Act) containing the TGA causality assessments for a number of children and young people who had died following covid vaccination.  These included: 

  • 21 yr old female who died from myocarditis and cardiac arrest, turbulent ICU course – causality
  • 14 yr old female – unlikely causality
  • 21 yr male – ? causality
  • 24 yr old female – causality
  • 9 yr old child died from cardiac arrest – causality
  • 7 yr old boy died from cardiac arrest – causality

The 10 documents she received had been omitted from the public disclosure log.  When she asked the TGA OIA team why these documents were not published, she was advised that “the decision maker determined that the disclosure of the documents could undermine public confidence and reduce the willingness of the public to report adverse events to the TGA.”  i.e. they don’t want you to know about vaccine-induced deaths because you may choose not to be vaccinated!

In NZ the numbers as at the end of November 2022 were 184 deaths reported but only 4 accepted as due to vaccination.  We have been unable to obtain any information to reassure us that a proper, thorough investigation has been undertaken for each of the other 180 people. 

We are also of the opinion that there are many more New Zealanders who have died following vaccination whose deaths have not been reported, or whose reports have been “lost in the system”.  We also note that the latest Medsafe Safety Report covers to the end of Nov 2022 and no further reports appear to be scheduled.  This is despite the introduction of both the bivalent booster and the covid vaccination for under 5’s since November 2022. This is appalling, frankly, and intolerable.  

When asked about further safety reports Medsafe replied: “We are not intending to do reports in the same way as the safety profile is well characterised. We continue to monitor the safety of COVID-19 vaccines but have identified no new safety signals. The vaccines still have provisional approval.

Norwegian deaths:

Before the vaccine rollout commenced in Australia (and New Zealand) there were reports of deaths of elderly people in Norway and a media release by the TGA in Jan 2021 stated that an investigation was underway.  Three weeks later the investigation was complete and had determined there was no causal link between vaccination and the deaths!  [Note Coroner’s investigations into deaths in NZ can take several years, so three weeks to do a thorough assessment for multiple deaths raises questions.]

Dr McCann received correspondence related to that investigation which showed that 1/1000 vaccinated people had died and a uniform picture had emerged with nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea followed by acute kidney failure and then death in some cases.  In the correspondence, there was an email requesting editing of the draft media release by none other than Pfizer!

Vaccine Associated Enhanced Disease (VAED):

Later in the presentation she spoke in some detail about VAED (Vaccine Associated Enhanced Disease) which is identified in the NZ Risk Management Plan as an ‘important potential risk’ following vaccination.  She described the similarities between VAED, ‘Long Covid’ and AEFIs (Adverse Events Following Immunisation).  Any vaccinated person who suffers from prolonged symptoms following covid infection or recurrent infections should have VAED considered as a possible diagnosis. 

Her submission to the Australian Long Covid and Repeated Covid Infections Inquiry goes into a lot more detail about the recommended assessment of possible VAED. She concludes with the following statement, which summarises our entire position too:

It is my observation that mandatory vaccination policies have caused immense suffering to patients, have caused community division, resulted in seriously negative impacts on businesses and vulnerable employees, have perhaps irreparably fractured the doctor patient relationship and have likely directly resulted in serious harm or death in patients who experienced severe adverse events following vaccination. The experiences of medical professionals facing patients who were suffering due to the impacts of vaccination mandates, against the threat of regulatory action for providing medical advice relevant to their individual patient circumstances, (should such advice be less favourable than the enthusiastic recommendation for vaccination in all patients); are also highly relevant to this inquiry.”

Consequences of Speaking:

Unsurprisingly, following this presentation Dr McCann received a letter from Professor Robyn Langham of the TGA suggesting that she refrain from speaking about children who had died post-vaccination.  The implication in the TGA letter is that no children have died in Australia post-vaccination. “The TGA has not linked the death of any child with a COVID-19 vaccination.”

This appears to be in direct contrast to the information she presented.  A significant problem in both Australia and New Zealand is that the raw, patient-level data is not readily available for independent scrutiny for those who want to confirm that due process was followed.

In normal pharmacovigilance which includes post-marketing surveillance of new medicines, the vaccine or medication should be considered the cause of the adverse event or death Until Proven Otherwise. This standard has been swept aside, and we say that lives have been lost. 

Support for a Censored Doctor:

In response to this threat by the TGA’s Robyn Langham to Dr McCann, the Chairman of the United Australia Party provided his support for her right to free speech.  “There is serious concern that the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is trying to shut down legitimate political debate which is justifiably critical of the TGA and those working in it, including yourself and your former colleague John Skerritt.”

In New Zealand the MCNZ is working very hard to shut down any discussion about adverse effects and deaths post vaccination by threatening, silencing and suspending doctors.

In addition to OIA requests and speaking publicly about her concerns, Dr McCann is also involved in a class action lawsuit of 500 vaccine-injured Australians.


All doctors are likely to be seeing vaccine injuries in their patients (shingles, Bell’s palsy, strokes, sudden death, stillbirths, myocarditis, blood clots, neurological conditions, immune collapse) whether they recognise them as such or not. If you want to take action and you still have a doctor, ask them how many vaccine injuries they are seeing and how many CARM reports they have completed.  

Dr McCann’s presentation may be a useful one to suggest they watch.  She is well qualified in both pharmacy and medicine and initially went along with the programme.  When she observed her patients experiencing unusual levels of harm, she was curious enough to investigate and what she found disturbed her.  She is now advocating loudly on behalf of her patients and the wider Australian public.  She speaks clearly and calmly and provides documentation to support what she is saying.

NZDSOS thanks Dr McCann for her courage and moral centre and is inspired to continue to walk the same path, whatever the cost.

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  1. I did not get the poisonous jabs. My much loved sister, passed away in2020, after getting shots for summer ! This was all over social media in that year, the real stats, were covered up, that shwed many kiwis had died and many seriously injured by them. These jabs will prove to be poisonous, when the truth will be revealed for all to see. Now we are all lined up for the marberg version, which Gates, is promoting, the goal is clear to see, population extermination, genocide, food control,and other fascist goals that they have always wanted, for world domination and power.They (nwo) will have the agenda complete by 2030, with possibly 1-2 thirds of the world population gone, from the planet! There are many contenders but all work for the same team NWO,WEF, CFR. These are long term goals that were stared in the 50s and 60s, now very near completion.

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