New Zealand’s Covid-19 Policies Analysed by a Prominent Academic and They Are Disastrous

An analysis of New Zealand’s Covid-19 Policies.

For almost two years, government-promoted “celebrity” academics have been promoted by state-funded media, often without providing a shred of evidence for their claims. Their nonsense and contradictions have created an environment of confusion and fear that has threatened to tear our nation apart. However, during the madness at least one of New Zealand’s leading academics has kept his cool and simply carried on with the job of research and analysis.

In two recent working papers, the University of Waikato’s Professor John Gibson has produced a  devastating critique of the New Zealand government’s response to Covid-19. In the first paper “Jabbing the Economy back to Life?,” Professor Gibson points out that,

“the vaccine rollout seemingly solves a political/economic problem—getting out of ruinously expensive lockdowns that politicians imposed in 2020—rather than solving a health problem.”

And this gets to the crux of the problem surrounding the Covid-19 vaccination roll-out in NZ – what purpose does it really serve? The injections are certainly not performing as they have been promoted by Pfizer and the NZ government. Covid-19, appears to be comparable to severe seasonal influenza leaving New Zealanders suffering more from government imposed policies, than from Covid-19. Jacinda Ardern and company have created a self-imposed disaster on the nation and now purport to have the “solution”. As Professor Gibson states:

“Politicians have been free at any time to undo what they imposed in 2020, with or without mass vaccination…Given these ineffective and costly lockdowns it is unclear why mass vaccination is needed as the way out of this misguided intervention, especially as mass vaccination may create its own set of unintended consequences.”

Indeed, NZDSOS is one of the medical organisations that has been warning that the public “health” policies and now the vaccine “solution” appear to be much worse than the disease. We are now entering into uncertain times with regards to the longer term effects of an experimental jab that has already injured and killed many people around the world.

In a second paper titled “Mass Covid-19 Vaccination and Excess Mortality: Direct and Indirect Pathways”, Professor Gibson’s research has led to a sobering conclusion:

“The worldwide mass Covid-19 vaccination campaign – ‘a jab in every arm’ – has not provided the aggregate health benefits that might have been expected…there is no overall correlation between the incidence of Covid-19 vaccination and excess mortality…If mass vaccination truly is cutting the Covid-19 death toll, as is frequently claimed, it presumably is increasing deaths elsewhere to yield this aggregate non-effect.”

Policies and Narrative

A level-headed economist such as Professor Gibson would be the first to admit that his publications are not the final word in the debate. However, his research findings are in stark contrast to the narrative that the NZ government and media have recklessly promoted to the nation. It suggests that the NZ response of lockdowns and other unscientific policies have been a monumental disaster. The vaccines are looking like the latest failure in the fiasco. As the wheels fall off the government’s Covid-19 story, will the media finally acknowledge that important voices have been ignored and tragically their “one source of truth” has led them dangerously astray?   

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