The Trojan Horse-paste Hater At the Helm of the RNZCGP

Trojan: Malware that misleads users of its true intent.

Dr Bryan Betty, the Medical Director of the Royal NZ College of General Practice, has let down the nation massively these past 18 months by actively eroding the moral and scientific integrity of the once noble vocation of medicine.

Advisor to the GP College

Under the watch of this ‘Big Pharma’ loyalist, and a few others, we have seen the abandonment of evidence-based medicine; the loss of debating treatments and diagnosis; the coup against informed consent; and the replacement of the autonomous independent doctor with a stethoscoped ‘straw man’ of NZ Inc.

But worst of all, Dr Betty has led GPs to abandon the age-old promise to first do no harm. Since the world could never know how effective these rushed jabs would turn out to be, they had better bloody be safe! Well, time has told, (start at 4.01 for expert submissions to FDA) and the last time we checked with the Human Rights Commissioner, bullying people to take any jab is a human rights violation. It is never OK. Coerced people should complain to the HRC, and to the Health and Disabilities Commission too, which is tasked to defend health consumers.

(Meanwhile, overseas, truly brave and compassionate doctors continue to organise to provide proven early treatments to further slash the small overall numbers of covid-19 patients who have been destined to become seriously unwell).

And yet, despite all of the above, this man, who has danced with the drug industry devil for most of his career, as far as we can tell, and has chosen to replace science with politics and profit, was in 2021 awarded the College’s top honour of Distinguished Fellowship.

Then last month, his RNZCGP righteously announced that it may revoke the Fellowship qualification of a fellow GP, for the crime of offering his patients a view contradictory to the government. This doctor did not reach his decision lightly, resulting as it did from a titanic struggle, over a year in the making, between his conscience and his career.

This doctor (and experienced vaccinator, before the conditioned responses rise up – oh, too late..) did not tell his patients not to get the Pfizer vaccine. He just wanted particularly to tell any parent in his practice, while he still had the chance, that they should carefully consider the risks of doing so. There have been no long-term studies completed on the use of the vaccine in children, infants and the unborn. Kids are almost entirely safe from severe covid-19 illness, but events are confirming worries about vaccine safety, especially from inflammation of the heart.  For advising his patients to inform their own decisions (though accidentally including some past  – and vaccinated – patients who understandably objected), for trying to follow the hallowed principle of primum, non nocere this popular doctor and educator has been labelled a danger to the public and is up before every medical regulatory body there is.

And yet, serious vaccine safety concerns remain. Around and after Easter 2021 as it leaked that the government was looking at enforcing this vast untested experiment on every Kiwi down to 6 months old, we wrote to every single medical body and relevant agency with questions and concerns, as all our uploaded letters attest. On behalf of the four RNZCGP Fellows in our group at that stage, we also wrote personally, twice, to Dr Betty and College president Dr Sam Murton. Silence. Not even a polite “Thank you for your concerns, now get stuffed”. No discussions, debate or reassurances. From that point on a series of edicts, threats and the same relentless single narrative have been issued to doctors.

By the way our global colleagues report the same ‘lockstep’ refusal to engage.

The irony of all this is stunning. Dr Betty, the very man who is forcing skewed treatment recommendations (as we shall see) onto every GP, may see to it that this one doctor, looking for clarity in a time of propaganda and missing information, has to go.

So Where Did Dr Betty Come From?

Since completing medical school at the University of Otago in 1987, Dr Betty has often worked for Pharma in some capacity. In fact, the first thing he did after graduating was to open his own Sydney-based consultancy firm for pharmaceutical companies. Later, after returning to NZ, he took on the role of deputy medical director of Pharmac and held this post for four years until a few months before the covid-19  outbreak, whilst continuing his GP practice and running his own pharmaceutical based company, Dramatic Change. Since 1994 Dramatic Change has provided sales and marketing consultancy service to the global pharmaceutical industry. The company aims to maximise the promotion and sale of drugs to doctors and patients through specialised marketing techniques developed by Betty himself.

Plainly this all represents a giant conflict of interest, both for his previous role in Pharmac and his current roles as Medical Director of the RNZCGP and Covid-19 expert technical advisor, a role he was given last year. As deputy director of Pharmac he would have been at the heart of government negotiation strategy with the drug companies and learnt a great deal. Who can doubt that this valuable knowledge would have been of great interest to Pfizer et al, and as current advisor he states that his aim is to vaccinate as many people as possible with the Pfizer mRNA gene therapy. In fact, he openly promotes this vaccine as the only approach for the management of Covid. Maybe he is privy to the secret clauses in the Pfizer contract. Whistle-blowers around the world have made some interesting claims, for example that Albania and other countries committed to shutting down competing treatments to the vaccine, as have we, and Israel has committed to keeping quiet about vaccine side-effects for at least a decade. A joke going around says Dr Betty could tell us about all this but would have to kill us afterwards.

Dr Betty, Early C-19 Treatment and Big Pharma

Dr Betty has chosen to ignore every other possible means of preventing and treating Covid. In doing so he is ignoring science. He does not promote healthy eating, sensible exercise, nutritional supplements, optimising Vitamin D levels, and weight reduction as methods of improving the outcome of Covid-19. Similarly, Dr Bloomfield has long ignored the evidence base for vitamin D, repurposed meds,  and other nutrients in his daily briefings and depositions.

He openly discredits the use of Ivermectin, joining in the nursery rhyme that it is merely a horse wormer, unfit and dangerous for human use, despite Nobel prize-winning Ivermectin being used safely for many decades in billions of doses. There is overwhelming statistical and real world evidence (RWE) that it does save lives. It is a registered human medicine, and thus should be available for off label use to GPs. It was, until Dr Betty piled in, along with his colleagues in the main hospital doctor’s organisation, the NZMA.

We charge that Dr Betty could have single-handedly ended the pandemic and been deservedly the hero of the nation. GPs, specialists, and indeed whole countries or their states  (eg Mexico, India, Chile) that instituted early treatment in the community with Hydroxychloroquine, zinc, antibiotics, ivermectin and budesonide  have saved countless lives based on the data, and a maligned concept called Real World Evidence. He could have had us trained and ready to “save the hospitals” by slashing the number of patients (predominanly elderly) destined to die alone on ventilators by offering simple safe cheap drugs. We community doctors are not afraid of treating  virus infections, assessing progress and referring on if needed . It’s what we do, Dr Betty. We have the skills required.

And here is a real doctor talking these real treatments.

Dr Betty has mandated that GPs in NZ do not prescribe Ivermectin and states that there is no scientific evidence that it is useful and much to suggest that it is harmful. Well, he knows that any effective competing therapy undermines the case for universal vaccine coverage, and completely explodes the justification for experimenting on our kids, and everyone else, with a gene therapy. So does Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration that has just removed it from doctors interested in saving lives. Mmmm… anyone else smell a contract clause being defended?

Dr Betty has his head conveniently buried in the sand with this one. He appears to be ignorant of the over 60 clinical trials and papers available which prove the safety and effectiveness of ivermectin in both the prevention and treatment of Covid-19. To summarise, early treatment can reduce deaths by over 80%. He has chosen a single dodgy analysis from the once independent Cochrane Collaboration – independent that is until it was criticised for publishing negative or only lukewarm vaccine effectiveness meta-analyses, after which it sold out to a major foundation with huge vaccine interests. Oddly enough.

Dr Betty considers a vaccine which is not truly a vaccine, that has only been in use for nine months and is still under clinical trials, that has to date been associated with hundreds of thousands of serious side effects and deaths and that has almost zero efficacy in the prevention of Covid-19 infection or transmission, e.g. here,  to be safer and more efficacious than ivermectin!  This is either profound ignorance or a conspiracy to hide life-saving information, which could be a capital crime.

This is the thinking of the man advising the government on the medical management of a pandemic. His only answer is a highly profitable but increasingly unfit for purpose gene therapy that seems to produce huge waves of ‘covid’ illness and subsequent ‘variants’ wherever it is rolled out. No doubt he’ll be a booster cheerleader too, as in highly Pfizered Israel, which is being lined up for a fourth shotwhere  95% of  ill ‘Deltas’ are already double jabbed.

Dr Bryan Betty is responsible for denying the people of NZ the right to choose to prevent and treat Covid-19 with safe and effective drugs. We suspect he was also instrumental in the blisteringly fast removal of hydroxychloroquine from our hands last year, as positive trials and the heroic testimony of real clinicians like Dr Zev Zelenko and covid-19 specialists Drs Kory and McCullough leaked out. Well, here’s some light legal reading for you, Brian. Lawyers from India charge one of its high profile WHO doctors with a crime against humanity for a single social media comment lying about ivermectin. By their tweets shall ye know them! This latest trial of early treatment showed such powerful effects reducing deaths, hospitalisation and particularly ‘long covid’ that the investigators ended the control groups early for ethical reasons. Remember them? Well, ethical concerns led a number of GPs to order enough ivermectin to deal with any covid-19 outbreak in their highest-risk patients, but these orders were stopped at the border by Medsafe, then sent back to the country of origin. An obscenity? We think so, and many of you agree with us.

“Soft! What further news from yon window breaks?”, to paraphrase the Bard.  Another piece of the puzzle slams into place, and on the very same day that our dear leaders start to restrict another natural covid killer from the shelves, N-acetyl cysteine.  Well, blow us down, as the most-fined drug company in history announces its own patented Ivermectin clone, already being referred to as Pfizermectin, in hurried trials and begging an EUA.  Way to go, Wall Street!

Further, as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine therapy are erased from history in the name of drug company profits,  a Greek alphabet soup of covid variants are queueing at the gates. Delta, mu, lambda etc. will respect prior natural immunity the best, and since vaccine immunity wanes in  months, they cause at least as high viral loads in the vaccinated, or higher,  and likely more serious illness for them too, contrary to Dr Betty’s latest misinfo. In his email to GPs of 23rd September, as he exhorts his over-run troops to stand tall and continue heroic “swabbing, vaccinating and virtual consultations”, this paragraph in particular stands out (our italics):

“This need also becomes more urgent when we look ahead to our borders opening. COVID-19 will enter the country, potentially becoming a disease of the non-vaccinated, and once again putting strain on hospitals and general practice. GPs need clear advice and guidance on what support will be available, and what preparation is required by their practices, to respond to the management of mild to moderate COVID-19 in the community.”

This tired old meme, that the ‘hesitant’ unvaxed will transmit the glance of death to all those already double-jabbed (and boosted) with their wonder-vax, is a highly sinister psy-op designed to give the societal tick to medical apartheid. “Yes, Bill of Rights, Nuremburg code blah blah…but our patience is running out with these crazy anti-vaxers! We have a right to be protected from their instincts for self-preservation, and freedom, come to that!”. If your vaccine is so great, why worry about us?!  Well, make no mistake, this whole thing is about the ‘vaccine passport’, or biometric I.D., and its resultant control over every aspect of our lives. If you are not scared of this dystopian notion, you should be, vaccinated or not. And our Dr Betty seems to be playing his part.

Well, at least he allows himself an out with the word “potentially”. Again, does he not know that almost 80% of UK covid deaths are already in the vaccinated? And what “preparation” indeed, since he has hit-jobbed the first line medications that actually work? Perhaps he means the expensive monoclonals, that will surely be hospital or specialist only, or perhaps Remdesivir, which was approved initially on the basis of one positive trial out of four, which showed only a reduction in hospital stay from 15 days to 10 in very sick patients, but no reduction in death rates. Subsequent studies have produced only a modest effect in very sick patients. BTW at the above link, note how many natural and other treatments have shown way more powerful effects in clinical trials. Vitamin D, the asthma inhaler Pulmicort, quercetin, zinc (the bullets for the rifle of IVM or HCQ), black cumin, EGCG from green tea etc. etc. have all got plenty of solid evidence.

Financial Profit – Will That Be Enough in “Nuremberg 2”?

The removal of strongly proven early treatment options for Covid-19 in order to justify the experimental gene therapy, the world over, is the clearest example yet of financial profit being in the driving seat. And might anyone be up for a spot of genocide after lunch? Barrister Reiner Fullmeich’s  Corona Commission has heard enough evidence, it says, to prove a global crime against  humanity.  This man, who exposed the corruption at VW and Deutsche Bank does not make such statements lightly. At the very least, we can know that public good is being traded away by our government to Pfizer, with glitzy middlemen driving the school bus into the dark and shadowy woods with the doctor-children too busy swiping their phone banking to notice.

Perhaps they shouldn’t bother, since the trashing of our currency required to pay for our sanctified ‘Plan A for Covid’ will leave precious little for their inheritors. It is tragically possible that many vaccinated health care workers may be unable to work in the future anyway, especially if this highly credentialed infectious disease expert is correct in this interview, where he says the vaccinated will have to self-quarantine in the winter months for their own safety! In a tragic irony we could see the fired doctors and nurses literally begged to come back and help. As more people die because they have been sold the vaccine lie, and denied access to drugs that could have saved them, the clotted blood  remains on the hands of our doctor-leaders and our doctor-impersonating politicians. Wake up Dr Betty and collaborators. ‘Acting under orders’ has never washed it in international courts, and it’s a little late to reverse the wooden horse through the gates. Your work here is done, you’ve made NZ virtually defenseless. Now, someone pass the horse paste, since that is all a few of us have.

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