The Human Rights Commission Listens

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It is time for us all to come together and to listen with respect. There is not one New Zealander who has not been traumatised by the response to Covid-19. No-one can miss the ever-present masks, signs and scanning in our communities. Some have been vaccinated, some not; some are terrified of the virus, some are terrified of the vaccine and distraught by what our country has become.

On Sunday, 20th of February, NZDSOS was approached by a human rights lawyer for evidence that could be provided to the Human Rights Commission with regard to Covid-19 and the New Zealand government’s response to it. Paul Hunt, the Human Right’s Commissioner had contacted the lawyer for information.

NZDSOS had written the HRC on two prior occasions. So, we were somewhat skeptical of what further communication would achieve. We are pleased to report that we are encouraged by the subsequent proceedings.

On Tuesday the 22 February, Paul Hunt, along with other members of the Human Right’s Commission, met with groups and individuals, including NZDSOS members in their private capacity, The Health Forum NZ, Voices for Freedom, Guy Hatchard and individuals whose lives had been affected by the mandates.

Here is the HRC press release about what took place. We have reports that when Lynda Wharton, from The Health Forum NZ and spoke and those who have been injured by C-19 injection and affected by the mandates, there was not one dry eye in the room.

Maybe we should start to listen?

Most New Zealanders have had moments when the tears could not be held back and we despaired for ourselves, our whanau and our country. Maybe if we stopped to listen to our hearts and to each other, we can take our country back.

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