No Compensation for Vaccine Injured

No Compensation Vaccine Injured FI
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During a recent political ‘debate’ between Labour and National leaders, one quick-fire question was:

Do you think people with legitimate vaccine injuries should get compensation?  

Being doctors, this question caught our attention.  First, we wondered what a ‘legitimate’ vaccine injury was.  Then we were disappointed, but not surprised, by the answers regarding compensation from Chris and Chris.

Chris Luxon answered ‘Ah, NO’ with minimal hesitation.

Chris Hipkins suggested that there was already support in place via ACC for those damaged by covid vaccines.  Interestingly he called the affected people ‘victims of medical misadventure’.  The relevant ACC term is a ‘Treatment Injury’.

These two politicians, vying to be the next leader of this country, are woefully out of touch (or willfully blind) with what has happened to many New Zealanders in the past nearly 3 years since covid vaccines first became available. 

Ignoring this issue unfortunately won’t make it go away. It is likely to get bigger and bigger as more people realise what has happened to them or their loved ones. 

The following are some of the consequences of the covid vaccination programme supported by all the current 120 members of parliament:

  • There are numerous New Zealanders whose health and lives have been adversely affected due to covid injections and many have significant ongoing symptoms months or years later. 
  • Excess mortality has risen substantially, affecting all age groups and in all other heavily jabbed countries. The data is very consistent and is inarguable.
  • The health system is in crisis and is collapsing, due to mandated workers, sick and disabled workers and an increased workload of sick Kiwis presenting with an array of new medical conditions, especially heart and brain conditions, clots, and new and relapsed cancers.
  • Many businesses are struggling to find healthy workers.
  • Insurance companies are noticing increasing payouts for dead and disabled younger people, and for advanced cancer diagnoses.
  • Funeral directors are seeing an increase in business, particularly younger deceased. 

Very few of the Kiwis whose lives have been turned upside down following the injections have been able to get any recognition, support or compensation via ACC.  They are having to fight and are being expected to provide the scientific evidence that no-one is gathering publicly, but that they are contributing to.

Chris Hipkins is being disingenuous when he says there is an ACC process in place and Chris Luxon is showing his true colours when denying compensation for the collateral damage of the vaccine programme. He has just said he does not want the votes of the unvaccinated. Presumably, that applies to the coerced, resentful and jab-regretful. How many are left, we wonder?​​​​​​​

What Purpose Compensation?

Hear the voices of two of New Zealand’s most prominent vaccine injured, Casey Hodgkinson and Barry Duffield, in this recent interview with Liz Gunn at FreeNZ Media.

Compensation Vaccine Injured
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  1. Was going to vote National but after the way they think of people that have problems from the jab, no way that will happen.,

  2. The 3 major parties are totally out of touch with reality
    They have all condoned the appalling Labour policies regarding Therapeutic Amendment, Covid in general including mandates, and Global warning
    There is no honest informed and in touch leadership from any of them
    When will the bulk of Kiwi’s wake up and stand up

  3. Same. Have you checked out Liz Gunns views ? She says it is a lie, disinformation even, that mmp means voting for her is a waste of a vote. So I will vote the Loyalty party

  4. Every single politician that is a sitting member of parliament up until the 14th October 2023 is a traitor to New Zealand and New Zealanders. Every single one without exception.
    The unelected U.N.G.C. [United Nations for Global Communism] and all of its subsidiaries such as W.H.O.(run by a proven genocidal maniac), W.E.F. (run by an egomaniacal queer narcissist called Klaus Schwab who is the protege and star pupil of Henry Kissinger), run the majority of politicians in New Zealand.
    Time to remove not only the puppets but cut the strings of the puppeteers.
    How DID Jacinda Ardern get so rich so quickly? Why did Chris Hipkins sign a deal with Blackrock and later tell the public what he had done?
    Why does Chris Luxton want mandatory forced death shot injections into free and natural people?

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