Increasing All Cause Mortality Associated With Increased Doses of Covid-19 Vaccine

All Cause Mortality FI
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Providing the most likely explanation for increased all cause mortality being seen in New Zealand and across all highly vaccinated nations, the mechanisms of action of the Covid-19 vaccines have the capacity to cause multiple health harms. This has been shown in Pfizer’s own clinical trial documents, well described at the Daily Clout Pfizer Reports.

The products are also associated with increasing risk of positive covid test results per dose taken, clearly demonstrated by the Cleveland Study.

All Cause Mortality Cleveland Clinic Study

In a recent testimony to the Pennsylvania Senate, Dr Peter McCullough spoke about the four different vaccine injury syndromes being seen. The body systems affected are cardiovascular, neurological, haematological (clotting) and immunological. This paper estimates that most Medicare participants over 65 will experience progressively shortened lifespan such that by the 5th jab many will have died! 

During an insightful and broad ranging recent interview with British surgeon Ahmad Malik, oncologist Professor Angus Dalgleish spoke about his observations of cancer patients experiencing aggressive relapses following booster doses of covid injections. His Canadian counterpart, immunologist and cancer specialist Dr William Makis is speaking out about the rise in so-called “turbo cancers” since the introduction of the Covid-19 products, and Canadian family physician Dr Charles Hoffe states that two-thirds of his cancer diagnosed patients are already at Stage 4 when they present with symptoms, which was previously a very rare presentation. We wrote about these concerns in December 2022.

All Cause Mortality in Australia

Australia’s Actuaries Institute have calculated excess all cause mortality in Australia for 2022 at more than 20,000 deaths, or 12.2% above expected. Just over half of these deaths are attributed to being “from covid”, a further 2,900 list covid as a contributory factor and 6,600 do not mention covid on the death certificate.

The Actuaries Institute claim that the vaccine accounts for a negligible number of these deaths, quoting trust in the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) who have only attributed 14 deaths to the vaccine. This flies in the face of what is known about the TGA, who according to a British Medical Journal 2022 investigation receives 96% of their funding from the pharmaceutical industry and approves 94% of all new pharmaceutical products.

The Covid-19 “vaccines” were sold to us because of the multiple proclaimed benefits, perhaps most convincingly as a means to protect the elderly against severe disease, hospitalisation and death. Sadly, but predictably, even this deceit is proving to be a lethal lie as shown in an analysis of excess all-cause mortality in Australia’s elderly by Dr Wilson Sy, an academic researcher with a background in physics, mathematics and economics.

Dr Sy’s June 2023 article Simpson’s Paradox in the correlations between excess mortality and COVID-19 injections: a case study of iatrogenic pandemic for elderly Australians is a very long read.  It is summarised well by pharmacologist and clinical trial and drug regulatory affairs consultant Dr Phillip Altman, at Collapse of the Covid Injection Narrative. This single, tragic bar graph illustrates a strong statistical signal for high excess deaths in the elderly, suggesting the presence of a potent cause.

All Cause Mortality Sy Australia Elderly

Dr Sy references his earlier paper, Australian Covid-19 pandemic: a Bradford Hill analysis of iatrogenic excess mortality to support the probable cause of excess all cause mortality being the Covid-19 injections. His work is supported by fellow-physicist and colleagues in Canada, Rancourt et al, in their publication Age-stratified COVID-19 vaccine-dose fatality rate for Israel and Australia, where they conclude due to the high vaccine-dose fatality rate in older age groups, that “it was reckless to prioritise vaccinating those deemed to be in greatest need of protection.

All Cause Mortality in New Zealand

Referencing faulty mathematical modeling instead of real-world data, Sir Ashley Bloomfield continues to spout the lie that New Zealand remains in negative excess mortality. The falsehood was explained well by Cathy Jamieson in her recent excellent interview with Rodney Hide (from approx. -1:03:30). Excess all cause mortality is detailed well by Professor John Gibson in his September 2022 article Best In Show.

Obtaining an average number of annual deaths from 2015 to 2019 provides a real-world baseline but does not account for population growth. The baseline preferred by Bloomfield is a regression model allowing for predicted population growth. However, population growth slowed to a near-halt when the NZ borders were closed in March 2020. According to StatsNZ, after increasing between 1.5%-2% annually in the years prior to the pandemic, the NZ population increased by 1.26% in 2020 (presumably this was citizens returning as instructed by the government). This was followed by increases of a mere 0.25% in 2021 and 0.69% in 2022. These small numbers do not account at all for the increase in excess all cause mortality being seen.

Excess Deaths 2022 All Cause Mortality

The association between excess all cause mortality and the number of covid ‘vaccines’ taken is shown at this graph, from data obtained via OIA combined with all cause mortality data from StatsNZ. A rate per 100K takes into account the different proportions of the population in each category. Note that the green “unvaccinated” includes anyone who has not completed a two dose course, or whose two dose course was completed within the preceding fourteen days. The blue “boosted” population are experiencing death at far higher rates than all other groups.

All Cause Mortality Rates by Vaccine Status


Although older age groups are experiencing the highest rates of death, the difference in death rates between unvaccinated, vaccinated and boosted is being seen across all age groups. Epidemiologist and evidence based medicine specialist Dr Paul Alexander, in reference to the Australian context, has concluded that the injections are not reducing illness or death, are not of benefit to the vulnerable, explain the increase in all cause mortality being seen, and are causing disproportionate harm to the elderly. He suggests that the disregard of these harms constitutes iatrogenic gerontocide (medical interventions killing the elderly).

New Zealanders appear to be realising that the vaccine narrative may have holes in it.  Each successive booster dose in NZ has only been taken up by about a third of those who took the preceding one. Refusing to consume the snake oil is the first step on our path towards healing.

Watch: Dr Clare Craig Explains the Vaccine Dose Relationship to Harm

This is a really really bad idea if you’re vulnerable” ~ Dr Clare Craig

Referencing the most recent Cleveland Clinic study, Dr Clare Craig discussed the issue of vaccine dose relationship with infection rates and immune system dysregulation, with Mark Steyn. Thanks to Coronavirus Plushie for the shareable version of this video, taken from the Mark Steyn Show on 19 June 2023.

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  1. Thank you guys for all your good work. I have and never will willingly take these vaccines and nor will my family.

    1. Perhaps that is because once we see how corrupt the government/pharma/medical system is, we will then turn our suspicious gaze to the police and law system, also rotten to the core.

    2. This is only one thing. Look at the ‘misinformation’ laws, the push for a universal digital I.D. to name just two other instruments of control. This is Marxist communism at its worst on a global scale.

  2. I heard Michael Baker (his title is professor whatever that means these days) yesterday on radio saying that NZ was doing excellent, one of the best in fact, with regards to Covid, as we are one of the very few countries that don’t have excess mortality.
    That’s another lie as on radio Hauraki some months ago, he told us twice that he never said that masks don’t work.

  3. I read that the Covid 19 vaccine was patented in the US in 2015 and 2017. I think it was posted by Judy Byington.on

  4. I wished I had gone with my gut when the Pfizer vac arrived in NZ. – had a bad feeling about it. I reluctantly had only 2 jabs and I left it 7 weeks between them. Left arm has ached since August 2021. I also had a reaction with the second jab whereby I could not breathe properly for 1 week – absolutely terrifying.
    From my perspective the amount of people with cancer and not surviving has increased hugely. I was sent a link by a good friend about Eric Clapton the singer and guitarist he stated “I wish I had never had the needle” because he could not play his guitar for 3 months due to numbness.
    I appreciate the work NZDSOS do as at least I can stay informed.

  5. Unfortunately, no amount of evidence will ever convince an idiot….or someone with a vested interest in supporting a narrative. The Conflicts of Interest in many New Zealand authorities and agencies are truly shocking.

  6. I did not get the poison jabs, because I knew that they were not vaccines, but poisonous MRNA, bio weapons! My dear sister, passed away, in dec,2021, after she had got Arderns, 2 shots for summer. I had warned her, not to go near them. She went ahead, and got them anyway, my brother is vax injured, and will be on powerful anti-viral drugs for the rest of his life. The dangerous anti-viral PAX LOVID, is lethal and should be banned, the latest viral pill, taken orally, to treat covid 19. I reported the side effects to CARN, after I had contracted covid, at the Wellington hospital, earlier in the month, the side effects were bad, i really thought I was dying, very painful as well, I also reported this to the Otago medical university Do not go near PAX LOVID, Pfizer, have to be made accountable!!

  7. Bloomfield, Hipkins, Ardern, Baker and Co have to be held account for the lies, corruption and damage that they have caused. But sadly no, Bloomfield got a knighthood and Cindy is a dame. Wow. Corrupt Labour goverment.

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