mRNA Vaccines – Reproductive Risk or Reward?

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The modern-day miracle mRNA vaccines which were created in record time are firmly under the global microscope as experts analyse data which challenges the efficacy and safety profile of the vaccines, especially with regard to reproduction and whether it is a risk or reward to pregnant and fertile women. New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) has significant concerns with the lack of trial data in pregnant women and a spokesperson for the group stated, “it appears all pregnant women receiving these vaccinations are actually vaccine trail participants.”

The vaccination rollout continued around the world while adverse event reports began flooding into the United States VAERS database – and likewise to other databases from many other countries – which generated especially severe safety signals for pregnancy, reproduction and menstruation. However, these women’s health issues remain universally ignored and dismissed by health authorities, along with many other serious adverse events.

NZDSOS call upon the medical fraternity to stand by the Hippocratic Oath to ‘first do no harm’ and uphold fully informed consent when advising women who are wanting to become pregnant, or who are already. It is a clear breach of medical ethics and professional duty to not inform individuals of known AND unknown risks of any new drug or therapy lacking long term safety data or completed research. The NZDSOS spokesperson said it is “absurd to see information being overlooked and the narrative of safe and effective overruling any objectivity in relation to reproductive health. How is this not criminal?”

Read here: mRNA Vaccines – Reproductive Risk or Reward?

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