Global Health, Power and Really Big Lies

Global Health Lies
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Sometimes, the struggle to accept the enormous wrongness of the situation facing us is overwhelming and makes words hard to find. Thankfully for us, this week two writers dear to us have produced reasoned and concise articles that each amplifies and complements the other.

Dr Emanuel Garcia is a psychoanalyst, psychiatrist and author who practiced in New Zealand from 2006 until his forced retirement due to the “vaccine” mandates in 2021. He is a member of NZDSOS who has been instrumental along with Dr Bruce Dooley in bringing to light, the origins and motivations of the global health crisis that the world faces today. He speaks out consistently with courage and intelligent insight against the New Zealand government’s response to Covid-19.

Dr David Bell is a clinical and public health physician who has worked for multiple global health agencies including FIND in Geneva, the World Health Organisation and Intellectual Ventures Global Good Fund in the USA. He sits on the Executive Committee of Pandemics Data and Analytics (PANDA) and works as a senior scholar at the Brownstone Institute. He has a PhD in population health and background in internal medicine, modelling and epidemiology of infectious disease. As a global health practitioner Dr Bell has a strong focus on impoverished nations.

NZDSOS, PANDA and Brownstone all share the goal of replacing flawed public health science with authentic practice and protecting human rights in the process. It is therefore no surprise that recent commentary by Dr Garcia and Dr Bell share similar perspectives despite their different medical backgrounds, contexts and experience.

An Analysis of Power: Dr Garcia

Writing at New Zealand Doc’s Newsletter on Substack, Dr Garcia published The Anatomy and Psychology of Power on 2 November 2022. He explains the psychology behind the premise that “science over the ages has become revered for the power it confers rather than the knowledge it reveals“. This premise is confirmed by Dr Bell’s experience, described below, working in a prestigious global health organisation under the leadership of an extremely powerful individual asserting control with “really big lies”.

Dr Garcia describes a number of observations about power pertinent to the Covid-19 global health response which have demonstrated the need for society to be protected against those who seek to, or do, hold positions of global power, who he refers to as “the Power Cartel”. He details the deceit, censorship, propaganda, manipulation, deliberate and even sadistic harm that the Power Cartel have willingly imposed on populations during the Covid-19 crisis. Technological advances provided unprecedented opportunities for these events to be executed.

Global health issues such as problems of resource distribution, infrastructure, poverty and malnutrition all have available solutions which are reliant on human will rather than further technological advancement, Dr Garcia argues. However, aggression and narcissism, playing out under the guise of a global health response by the Power Cartel, are seeing an evisceration of human rights and liberties, and loss of human life on a scale that could not have been previously imagined. This can be considered an inevitable result of pursuing science for purposes of possession and control and Dr Garcia compares the devastating potential of splitting the atom, with the devastating potential of manipulating the human genome.

His argument that psychopaths claim implementation of a global health response whilst committing historically unrivalled crimes against humanity implicates corrupted medical boards, the pharmaceutical industry, political and technological entities all with motives related to total surveillance and control. Once the current global health response runs out of steam, we can look forward to a climate crisis and more pandemics.

Dr Garcia concludes that the only path to resolution of these problems is the human pursuit for freedom, directed by the rejection of fear and cultivation of logic and courage.

The Abduction of Global Health by Really Big Lies: Dr Bell

The Brownstone Institute published Dr Bell’s most recent article, Global Health and the Art of Really Big Lies, in which he relays the experience of working in a prestigious global health organisation, employed by a boss who tells “really big lies”. He contrasts the impact of outlandish claims – so outrageous that the listener is forced to (fatally) suspend his own ‘bullshitometer’ to even comprehend them, thus letting them sheet home inadvertently – with that of “lesser lies” which are easier to dispute.

The level of indignity in health organisations controlled by dishonest and ill-informed leaders who command obeisance, can generate a culture of dishonesty which appears to have embedded itself in health services the world over. The evidence of astonishing vaccine harm, conveniently rejected by so many who should know better, is a pre-eminent example. 

Some of the “really big lies” sanctioned by health practitioners today, replacing legitimate and established public health, are listed by Dr Bell as:

  • Disease burden should be measured in raw mortality, and not include metrics such as life-years lost. Hence an 85-year-old dying of a respiratory virus is equivalent to a 5-year-old dying of malaria in terms of burden and urgency.
  • Medium and long-term harms due to poverty and reduced healthcare access should not be considered when assessing the value of an intervention. A modeled effect on the target pathogen is the only relevant metric.
  • It is appropriate to misinform the public on age-related risk and relative disease burden and better to instill fear in order to achieve compliance with public-health directives.
  • Growth of viral transmission in a community follows an exponential curve, rather than a steady deceleration (e.g. Gompertz curve) as the proportion of recovered (immune) people accumulate.
  • Banning students from school for a year protects the elderly, while not locking in generational poverty.
  • Cloth and surgical masks stop aerosolized virus transmission, and all meta-analyses of randomized control trials (that show minimal or no effect) should be ignored.
  • Post-infection immunity to respiratory viruses is expected to be poor and short-lived, whilst vaccines to a single viral protein will somehow produce much stronger immunity.
  • Immunity to viruses is best measured by antibody concentrations rather than T-cell response or clinical outcomes.
  • Informed consent for vaccination should not include information on demonstrated risks, as this could promote ‘vaccine hesitancy.’
  • It is appropriate to give a new gene-based pharmaceutical class in pregnancy that crosses the placenta without any pregnancy trial data, toxicology studies, or long-term outcomes data (in anyone).
  • Irrespective of the Convention on the Rights of the Child “In all actions concerning children… the best interests of the child shall be a primary consideration” – it is appropriate to inject children with drugs lacking long-term safety data in order to protect the elderly.
  • Pandemics have become more frequent and more deadly, despite the historical record, and the progress of modern medicine, indicating quite the opposite.

No rational observer still in control of their faculties can claim not to have observed all of the above lies-as-truth  preached and screeched ad nauseam from podiums, platforms and even pulpits throughout the ‘devolving world’. We remain forever grateful for educated and observant voices like those of Drs Garcia and Bell who work to keep our moral and intellectual compasses well centred.

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