How Many Adverse Events in New Zealand Are There Really?

Adverse Events FI
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Medsafe was recently asked about the Safety Reports which stopped being published in Dec 2022 (and included adverse event data up to the end of November 2022).  They said they aren’t going to publish the reports in the same format as they feel they have established the safety profile of Comirnaty, so they are not looking for new signals. We have been asking for over 2 years why they ignore all the safety signals that are shrieking loudly.

“We are not intending to do reports in the same way as the safety profile is well characterised. We continue to monitor the safety of COVID-19 vaccines but have identified no new safety signals. The vaccines still have provisional approval.”

This is despite the fact that since the end of November 2022, NZ has introduced two new flavours of covid vaccine – the poorly tested infant one for under 5s (only 103 infants have been injected with the first dose as at 19 May 2023) and the bivalent booster (tested on 8 mice prior to use in humans), which does not contain any mRNA relevant to current strains.

Obtaining Adverse Events Information

New Zealanders have been interested in this information, perhaps for obvious reasons as they are seeing loved ones become inexplicably ill and/or die suddenly, and some have requested information via OIA.

So, attempting to piece together the state of adversely affected Kiwis, we have a few sources of information, but they provide wildly differing numbers.

Firstly there is the previous safety monitoring data.

Medsafe Safety Report 46

According to Safety Report 46, which has the data up to the end of November 2022 there were over 64,000 total reports and 3,688 AEFI reports that were serious, with 184 reports of death.

Adverse events Medsafe

Secondly there is an OIA request that asked for the up-to-date information that previously was contained in the Safety Reports from Medsafe.  Medsafe provided directions to a page on their website where this information is to be presented.

When ‘COVID-19 vaccine’ is searched for on this webpage, from the beginning of the rollout to now there are only 116 total reports, including 6 reported deaths. Where are the rest of them?

If ‘detail’ is selected there is more information about each report and within the first few reports there are 4 babies or toddlers listed with a date of May or Jun 2021.  Presumably this means these babies were exposed via breastmilk as they would not have been eligible for their own vaccination in Jun 2021. Various reactions are noted in the babies – irritability, rash, febrile convulsion.

Interestingly this database can search for ‘COVID-19 vaccine’ and ‘famtozinameran’ but not Comirnaty or ‘tozinameran’.  Famtozinameran  is one of the active ingredients in the bivalent booster. They are not making it easy are they?

Detail for COVID-19 vaccine between 1/1/2021 and 26/5/2023

Number of reports for COVID-19 vaccine: 116
Number of reports where death was reported: 6
Number of reactions: 348

Adverse events Medsafe search

Thirdly there is information from another OIA requested in April 2023 about adverse events. 

The requester asked:

2. Can I have a breakdown of all serious adverse event following immunisation reports following COVID-19 vaccination for each vaccine used based on the following classifications?
i. is a medically important event or reaction
ii. requires hospitalisation or prolongs an existing hospitalisation
iii. causes persistent or significant disability or incapacity
iv. is life threatening
v. causes a congenital anomaly/birth defect
vi. results in death.

Medsafe answered:​​​​​​​

Please see the below table for information of all adverse events following COVID-19 vaccination by the Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Novavax vaccines. Please note that for data under the value of six, this is represented as <6 to protect the privacy of individuals.

Adverse events OIA Table 1

So according to this information there have now been 184 deaths and 13,857 serious adverse events (not including congenital effects).  That’s an awful lot more than the 3,688 that were reported up until Nov 2022.

The reason is that MOH “lost in the system” over 7000 reports of serious events received by September 2022, and have just admitted this in this OIA response. They claimed their software was not capable of handling the unexpected number of reports. So, we think this sudden absence of reporting by Medsafe since November 2022 has far more to do with hiding this embarrassingly large safety signal from the public, and perhaps the government, than because ” the safety profile is well established”.

Why are so many  New Zealanders still dropping dead suddenly then, if it is just another normal day of regulatory affairs at Medsafe? Despite most jabbed Kiwis feeling they are fine, a large minority are proof of the serious harms from Comirnaty and we MUST NOT LET THIS BECOME THE NEW NORMAL, especially as many more such gene shots are planned for us by the WHO and drug companies. 

Fourthly this OIA asked about adverse reactions to the infant vaccine.  An infant Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine has been available for compromised infants under the age of 5 since 9 Feb 2023. According to the MoH data and statistics up to 19 May 2023 only 103 infants have had their first (of three) doses of Pfizer vaccine.

The requestor asked for:

“Any data relating to number of deaths of infants who have received the Covid vaccine in 2023.”

The answer from Health New Zealand was:

“We are unable to provide data relating to the number of deaths of infants who have received the COVID-19 vaccine as it would involve manually linking mortality data to vaccine data.  Therefore, this part of your request is refused under section 18(f) as it would require substantial collation.”

This is a far from reassuring response as it suggests that one or more infants have died following vaccination with Comirnaty (if mortality data needs to be linked).  We struggle to understand why looking at data for 103 infants would require ‘substantial collation’ when vaccine information is linked to NHI (National Health Index) numbers via the Covid Immunisation Register (CIR) and this sort of data appears to be readily available to researchers, such as Dr Helen Petousis-Harris, who are monitoring the outcomes of all New Zealanders post vaccination.

Fifthly, ACC presumably has data too but we have been unable to find any up-to-date information.

Sixthly, the Health Forum NZ also has a large database of dead and injured New Zealanders that is a devastating testament to the public being failed at every level. Our colleague Dr Guy Hatchard has summed this up well in his latest essay Inside the Covid Cult: “You can hardly avoid news of sudden onset illness or unexpected deaths in the daily newspapers or among friends, but there is always an innocuous sounding cause on offer. If considered rationally, the unprecedented number of unusual deaths would render these excuses implausible. However, cults don’t do rational.”

There are many very obvious jab deaths in the public database, and we have reported several in detail where the “safety committee” and coroners scrabble around for any remote cause possible to avoid the elephant in the vaccination room. The cowardice and evasion on display will go down in history.  

To summarise, we absolutely do not think the ‘safety profile is well characterised‘. We know vast numbers of adverse effects have been swept under the carpet and ignored.  Many New Zealanders are suffering with debilitating medical conditions, many undiagnosed or undiagnosable until doctors in the mainstream medical system consider the toxic substances that have been injected, and decide to value their duties over their obedience to the Medical Council. 

So much for transparency and robust reporting. It is up to each and every New Zealander to ask the questions about how many of us are being harmed, how to diagnose harm from vaccine induced spike protein, synthetic mRNA, lipid nanoparticles and various contaminants, as well as how to treat the many varied and unusual conditions that are coming to light.​

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  1. I’m sure most New Zealanders have very little confidence in any of the “Health” data supporting Medsafe’s claims when it is blatantly obvious that they are hiding most of what has been reported & that really only represents a fraction of people that have been effected. As the Truth comes out more & more effected people will realize the extent of this travesty. Then those that pushed this bio weapon may find themselves in a very uncomfortable position & will certainly be their demise in this world & other realms.

  2. Interesting information.
    I’m a hairstylist with a large clientele and done work in the medical sector.
    What they tell me is shocking and until all medical teams stand up and expose this travesty.
    Of course many frightened to loose their license but the respect and trust is already fractured and will take years to repair.
    Forty years in this hair industry and I never listened to so many health issues.
    Not long ago we were doing hair on clients to bury a 12 year old who dropped dead of a heart attack at school locally.
    Since when does this ever happen?
    Yet we all knew and we still couldn’t say it.
    The figures have to get exposed.
    I’m told thru sources that cardiologists are busy.
    Heart attacks, strokes snd the clots especially!
    MSM were telling us nightly of the numerous covid cases in hospitals im being told it wasn’t the case quite often staff and covid wards were quite and not to listen to in particular TV 1 that they purposely
    ” fudged” figures.
    In fact it was the vaccinated filling in the hospital beds not the unvaxxed.
    They can confirm the high rate of still births and miscarriages too.
    Babies born with in the same family where mum was either vaxed and the other invaxxed and a concerned grandfather can see an obvious difference in the response and movement/ or lack of in the vaxxed mother baby.
    Everyday I hear it.
    Hairloss, headaches, lethargy, foggy brain, body pain.
    I also look after cancer clients with wig fittings and 2 years ago I was warned by my sources ( nurses) to stock up on wigs because I’ll be busier than I’ll ever be in the near future.
    I’m busy now!
    The amount of sickness to show yet will be a shock for all.
    Cancer clients receiving chemo were told to vaccinated their bodies just can’t cope and many have said they should never have took it.
    It attacks the immune system already compromised!
    Our government and opposition were complicit in this inhumane process.
    I still have clients who own families won’t let them visit other members because they chose to not vaccinate themselves.
    Breaks your heart.
    The discrimination and vitriol is still alive and well – amongst the fearful.
    The narrative worked.
    Thanks to media.
    Now when the time comes to show the true figures and voices to be heard there will many many very angry people.

    1. I have neighbors who are ICU nurses and they have been threatened with dismissal and de-registration if it is found out they have talked to anyone about what is happening in ICU wards.
      I used to work in a public hospital and the number of people with serious health issues that have been jabbed is the majority. This would be the case if as is claimed statistically that 93% of the population is jabbed but I seriously doubt that this number is correct, more like wishful thinking.

  3. I unfortunately had 1& 2 doses of pfizer and both times ended up in hospital, second time was the worst, this was registered with ACC and ACC contacted me to clarify some notes. Informed me that it is registered as a “medical misadventure” and should i have any other boosters and they go wrong ACC will fund any support needed.
    Fine, I was looking for ACC information the other day (UNRELATED TO VACCINE) and the gentleman I was speaking with was verbally going through a list of claims I’ve had registered with ACC and I checked him by saying, there is also a medical misadventure with the covid shot also in there twice and gave him the dates. Guess what, ACC had no information at all regarding that medical misadventure about me and what happened to me in hospital, ACC HAVE CLEANED THE BOOKS.

    1. Acc has always been a corrupt organisation so I’m not surprised they’re wiping the books and covering up the crimes of the establishment

  4. How about the high excess mortality since the jab rollout. Has anyone been able to get the true figures? They are around 25 % above average in Australia. I think NZ would be similar!


  6. The thing is that the figures are never going to tell the full truth.
    I currently have 2 relatives badly injured, clearly from the vaccines. Oh is bedridden and Drs cannot give an explanation other than it’s neurological.
    These two, along with a good friend who has suddenly developed serious heart issues refuse to accept their conditions are related to Covid shots. So, how many more people like this are out there? Many more I suspect

  7. I have written extensively before on this subject, although I wonder how many exemptions to the jab were granted?
    I was one who received the exemtion, but have never seen the completed stats, has anyone?

  8. They are attempting to ignore the facts so as to not scare those who have taken the jabs. People I speak to dont want to know. They are scared so would rather ignore any data/info rather than face up to the reality that they were lied too. Its sad. Amazes me how humans can just allow themselves to be used yet just shrug their shoulders and forget it happened. Strange times.

  9. Medsafe are complicit to bring Remdesivir into NZ for the treating of Covid, based on Anthony Fauci’s recommendations. But the research that he cites to support his recommendation, actually opposes its use, as being safe.
    In practice, we discover that Remdesivir is highly toxic, and shuts down the kidneys (renal failure), which in turn causes water to build up in the body, to the point that it floods the lungs, causing death from drowning, wrongly labelled as pneumonia.
    Google NZ Medsafe Remdesivir, and watch this…

  10. Acc has always been a corrupt organisation so I’m not surprised they’re wiping the books and covering up the crimes of the establishment

  11. The TRUTH is going to come out soon! Far to much evidence showing that these jabs are part of the agenda for WEF, CFR, UN, WHO, elite agenda to depopulate the world, by lethal injection.The wet dream, of the elite, planned for aeons,and aeons. Nearly 1 third of the world has been poisoned with the jabs and lethal infections, all done with needles.most of the medical proffession has been complicit along with the criminal govts, of the world,WEF,UN WHO, AND CFR. People are awake now to what has been done, many people have vanished from the planet, soilent green, was a very accurate film, the dissapeared people, had all been EATEN! Green agenda21/50,UN depopulation, to feed the planet!!! Human flesh, turned into bread!! for food.

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