Evidence and Mechanisms of the Complete Failure of the C-19 Jabs

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In this letter to MPs, Dr Guy Hatchard outlines the evidence on the failure of C-19 injections and briefly explores the possible mechanisms. The evidence presented here helps to explain why vaccinated people are getting sick and more importantly other measures that can be taken.

The Evidence Presented to MPs


As the dust settles over vaccine mandates, sobering data analysis in NZ and from around the world holds lessons for Covid-19 policy formation.

It has been many months since I last wrote directly to you. I have preferred to publish at my website, which remains available to everyone as a science reference resource. However recent developments point to the need for a general alert to all our MPs.

You must be aware that contrary to expectations, the Pfizer mRNA vaccine has provided little if any protection against infection, hospitalisation, or mortality associated with Omicron BA2, the current dominant strain.

The evolution of NZ data over recent weeks points to increasing infection and hospitalisation rates per 100,000 among the vaccinated population, which has now overtaken the rate for unvaccinated individuals. This has been carefully explained in a short video released on April 2nd.

This trend is consistent with data from the UK and Canada, two countries which monitor and publish comprehensive Covid figures.

The viral evolution which has continually been taking place is not a surprise to experts in genomics. As the percentage of vaccinated populations has increased, the virus naturally evolves to prefer infection of the largest available pool of potential subjects—the vaccinated. This is explained in this video.

There are other indications that this trend may lead to far more worrying future developments. Repeated vaccination can cause increasing immune dysfunction, leaving our highly vaccinated population vulnerable to increased incidence of disease including cancers, heart disease, and a wide range of other conditions associated with immune deficiency. Possible mechanisms include antibody dependent enhancement (ADE).

Immune dysfunction is supported by the conclusions of a paper published by medRxiv The BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 reprograms both adaptive and innate immune responses and by analysis of data illustrating the gradually increasing vulnerability of vaccinated individuals. The mechanism become a matter of scientific comment which to some degree is theoretical speculation but it is not considered unfounded. The data itself is undisputed and has been analysed in online publications devoted to data analysis.

You will naturally be concerned about this possibility and will be asking what should be done to alleviate these recent developments. I wrote to government science advisors early on in the pandemic advising that more emphasis should be placed on educating the public about preventive health measures. It remains the case that adequate diet, nutrition, and exercise are key to longer term immune health. Whereas poor health habits like smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and ultra processed foods are detrimental.

Initially this advice was refused in the hope that the promised effectiveness of vaccines would outweigh preventive health measures. As it turns out, this is not the case. A history of healthy lifestyle is strongly associated with satisfactory Covid outcomes. Studies have shown that lighter diets, more exercise and rest, and some herbs can have large effect sizes on Covid outcomes (up to 70% reduced hospitalization rate) whereas mRNA vaccination has an impact currently not statistically different from zero.

The New York Times for example highlights the extreme vulnerability of populations with high rates of diabetes in an article entitled Covid and Diabetes, Colliding in a Public Health Train Wreck. Diabetes incidence can be greatly diminished through education about lifestyle choices and dietary intake.

At this point, adherence to public policy tied solely to mRNA vaccination is not working. The situation calls for rational re-evaluation. Such a change in attitude will have to be curated by alert and responsible individuals in positions of authority such as yourself. Nothing points to the need for reconsideration more than a recent reply received from a NZ scientist often quoted in the media. In response to an offer of a independently moderated debate he said:

While I am happy to outline the scientific evidence around vaccine efficacy and safety to the public (and have done so on a number of occasions over the past year to various audiences), I do not think a debate, whether live or pre-recorded, is likely to be a productive forum for communicating the science.”

There is obviously a certain amount of professional sensitivity involved in this refusal, but no one can go on promoting something that isn’t working. The public are not asleep to the issue. I note that the closed door to debate does not do our science credit. I am engaged in conversations with scientists in other countries conducted in a responsible and productive manner. See for example.

Covid science is changing and we have to change with it. The downstream effects of sticking to obviously ineffective policies in NZ whilst ignoring the latest Covid data will be very damaging for everyone.

Yours sincerely

Guy Hatchard PhD

NZDSOS has written to the government multiple times, providing evidence of harm from the C-19 injections, without any meaningful response.

It is becoming glaringly obvious to lay people that the C-19 vaccines are not working. Why are out politicians and health organisations not responding to this evidence?

They know about the evidence and we know they know. As Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts states, do they really think they can get away with this?

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