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A Strategy to Limit Covid-19 Transmission – By 150 Brain Dead Doctors

NZDSOS responds to a letter from 150 doctors and academics calling for a governmental strategy to limit Covid-19 transmission. Our response is in italics.

NZDSOS responds to this ‘open letter‘, long on rhetoric, hopium, lies and conjecture and lacking a single reference, unlike our own extensive library of letters and warnings.

A number of signatories in this open letter appear to have connections to our universities. How much funding from pharmaceutical companies and the government do these institutions have and are there conflicts of interest?

A strategy to limit Covid-19 transmission

We the undersigned doctors and scientists, call on the New Zealand Government to adopt a comprehensive mitigation strategy, to minimise the negative health and economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It’s a bit late for that. Your support so far for Plan A has gutted the economy, killed and maimed more than all vaccines in modern history,  and caused social and employment devastation for many. 

This goal is best achieved by maintaining low COVID-19 transmission and infection rates through implementation of an evidence-informed Vaccines Plus strategy, that combines high vaccination coverage with effective public health and social measures. 

What do you think has been done so far? Scotch mist? Much evidence, heard and accepted by NZ courts,  proves your vaccines have failed to stop people catching and transmitting covid and even worse increases risks of poor outcomes. This along with harmful lockdowns of healthy people – for the first time in public health history – and “social distancing”. So you are retreating to your last bastion of pseudoscience, the mask. Your credibility is gone, despite being in an apparent majority. 

We do note however that just over one third (6781/18762) of registered practicing doctors have signed the previous Stand Up for Vaccination letter, so that means almost TWO THIRDS haven’t signed it.  So, maybe not an actual majority.

Your Vaccines Plus strategy does not appear to mention anything about improving immune function by paying attention to the fundamentals of health – nutrition, especially Vitamin D status as we head into winter – exercise, social engagement or adequate sleep.

COVID-19 is a novel pathogen that can repeatedly infect, with infection resulting in an increased risk of many serious long-term health complications for people of all ages. 

Scare-mongering fear porn. Serious complications are exceedingly rare in the young. Yes it is “novel”, and even mainstream media now accept the ‘virus’  is a deliberately engineered chimeric bioweapon from US-financed work at the Wuhan bioweapons lab, eg this documentary from Sky News Australia. 

It is still unclear if release was accidental or deliberate, however evidence of pre-planning and the virus patent trail would imply the latter.

Your description of long term problems applies more accurately to the vaccine, which generates a much higher spike protein load than wild infection and bypasses the critical mucosal immune response and interferon-1 mediated coordination between innate and adaptive immune system. Furthermore, the vaccine specifically derails this mechanism, with implications for immune defences against infections and cancer. 

The mRNA in the vaccine also persists for an undetermined length of time due to the presence of pseudouridine in place of uridine, potentially allowing the continued production of spike protein.

 It is evident that vaccination alone will not be enough to fully protect our communities from high rates of COVID infection and the resulting complications. 

Ya think? Tens of thousands of doctors and experts have been warning of this from the start, and presenting the evidence as it unfolded.  So what was it all for then, and what very real risks has your ill-thought out and panicked support for the vaccine exposed the entire vaccinated population to? What clinical trials did you investigate before chucking all your eggs in your one basket, and especially which trials indicated that the boosters would be safe and effective, for more than the measly few weeks of an antibody response shown so far? Zero.  

Relying on ‘personal responsibility’, without effective public health measures, will result in repeated waves of infection, an overloaded and dysfunctional healthcare system, and ongoing disruption to daily life. 

The population has been heroically compliant actually. If vaccination rates are as high as you say with NZ joining the list of countries that have seen “repeated waves of infection” only after the vaccine program kicked off. Very large studies have proven absolutely that high vaccination rates at best do not work, and may actually result in high Covid cases. For those wanting a shorter read, see here.

Our health system is already overloaded and dysfunctional because it focuses on ‘managing chronic disease’ rather than on creating health.

This scenario is currently playing out around the world.

So you noticed then?

Instead, a collective approach is required that focuses on minimising transmission by means of public health policies. These measures should be viewed as protections rather than restrictions, and when combined with a high vaccination rate, would encompass a Vaccines Plus strategy.

This has been the country’s exact approach and it has failed. So you prescribe more of the same hoping for a different outcome? Isn’t that  Einstein’s definition of insanity? Even Michael Baker said to just open the borders and let omicron through.*

A public health based, Vaccines Plus approach favours the safety of all, especially marginalised communities who may lack access to resources needed to protect themselves. 

 Comirnaty is NOT a vaccine but an experimental genetic technology, and we all need resources like doctors practising ethical medicine who emphasise quaint and centuries-old concepts like Do No Harm and informed consent and proven lifestyle protections like healthy food, adequate sunshine, exercise, community and social engagement. 

Groups particularly at risk when community transmission is high include children, the elderly, Māori and Pasifika, and people who are medically vulnerable or disabled. 

Children have vanishingly low risk of serious outcomes. Two million children have to be ‘vaccinated’ to prevent one ICU admission, sacrificing hundreds to myocarditis in the process. Some of the groups you mentioned are similarly vulnerable to all pathogens, but for the reasons just mentioned. Have we suddenly lost our capacity and courage as doctors to deal with infectious community pathogens?

Vaccines Plus: Actions to Take Now

COVID-19 spreads predominantly by airborne transmission, therefore, to minimise infections public health policies must aim to provide clean air within indoor environments. The evidence for this conclusion is extensive.

Saying it, and wanting to believe it, does not make it so. Name a single piece of evidence please. However common sense confirms that good ventilation is the priority, not muzzling. 

To this end, we urge the New Zealand Government to implement the following, as part of a Vaccines Plus strategy:

  • Define, and clearly communicate to the public, a coherent mitigation strategy with well-defined goals. It is essential that this strategy recognises that the best outcomes for individuals and society will be achieved by maintaining low infection rates.

No, the best outcome for a permanent end to Covid is to stop testing and allow good herd immunity to develop in the community through natural exposure, since the vaccinated have worse outcomes. Dr Bloomfield is slated for a knighthood for already having done for 2 years  exactly what you are suggesting. The fact that is has been exactly the wrong mitigation strategy seems to escape both you and him.  The government has failed to communicate clearly for the past two years, instead barraging us with ever-changing non-sensical, contradictory advice.  We suggest it is unlikely it will start communicating clearly now.

  • Increase public education on the nature and predominance of airborne transmission of COVID-19, including the factors that increase risk, and how to mitigate these risks.

Short of prolonged breath holding, what do you suggest? It is clear that asymptomatic people do not infect others. So how about just reinforcing the tried and tested strategy of staying home when unwell .

  • Identify appropriate high-quality masks for public use (currently N95/P2/KN95/KF94) and inform the public that these masks are greatly superior to surgical masks. 

How greatly superior? Evidence?  Blow smoke through an N95, then ask for your money back. We have more than a few studies to point you to.

Fauci himself said, among many other flip-flops on masks, that they may just reduce a few large droplets. Free viruses are extremely tiny, much more so than smoke particles, and also hitch rides in expired water vapour droplets, themselves small enough to get through masks. What about normal water vapour expiration through the skin, averaging 500mls daily in an adult, much more in fever? Should we all wrap in clingfilm? What matters is the viral load taken in by the non-immune and the state of that immune system.  Decades of research into masks and influenza failed to prove any benefit from masking. The only two Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs) of masks and Covid-19 transmission from Denmark and Bangladesh failed too. The supposedly positive Sri Lankan study does not stand up to scrutiny.

  • Ensure procurement and funding to avoid inequity of supply, including to schools. This policy must include the ongoing mandating of mask use in schools over the winter terms in 2022.

Why must it? Again, where is the evidence? Masks impair social and cognitive development  in the very young, cause distress and dangerously high CO2 levels in some children.

  • Strengthen school indoor air quality measures by supplying all classrooms with:
    1. CO2 monitoring to objectively assess the adequacy of ventilation, and
    2. Appropriately sized HEPA air filtration units in time for winter 2022, until such time as ventilation has been deemed adequate to prevent infection, by quantitative assessment. 

Open some windows but increase the heating. If the HEPA filters are proven to trap viruses, masks are even less indicated. If they aren’t proven, don’t waste money. 

  • Provide alternative learning arrangements and community-based support for school- aged children when necessary, to protect them and their families during periods of intense transmission.

Unless you know something about any long-term nasty sting-in-the-tail complications waiting for us all from the actual infection, in which case please contribute to the body of public knowledge, surely it is best to let children develop their natural immunity, given your vaccine has failed to protect them (and is many years from proving to have been a safe and wise treatment). By acting as a sponge for infection and contributing to rapid herd immunity children are an important element in returning to normality. Elderly relatives may then only shelter briefly, instead of being cruelly locked away indefinitely in  care homes and retirement villages. 

  • New Zealand needs to adopt a whānau-centred approach that protects the well-being of children and their families in all settings.
  • Engage engineers, aerosol scientists and other ventilation specialists to develop clear ventilation standards for indoor public spaces, including standards for air changes, airborne pathogen filtration and inactivation, and maximum acceptable CO2 levels.

Are we saying that never again must humans need to catch (immune-enhancing) coughs and colds? Omicron will pass shortly, if we let it, and thus the whole covid-19 catastrophe with it – assuming vaccine immunity will do something for the recipients. However, the elephant in the room, and frankly our gravest concern, is antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), where the vaccinated are at INCREASED risk from Covid variants. There is plenty of cause for that worry already.  Pfizer admitted that likelihood, many countries are seeing higher death rates in the boosted (including, very disturbingly, all-cause mortality, not just from Covid) and ADE has happened with other conventional vaccines. Installing expensive ventilation into public spaces won’t change this.  Why go to all this trouble to ventilate a room then inhibit one’s own ventilation with a mask?  

  • Continue to actively promote and enable high vaccination coverage for all groups of society, including children, who currently have low vaccination rates. 

How can you possibly stick to this desperate strategy, in the face of such failure, and the obscene denial of the extent of vaccine harms. If you really don’t know about this, the government and Police certainly do. 

The implications of continuing to allow poorly-mitigated COVID-19 tranmission in New Zealand are too great to ignore. The burden of long-term illness and disability on individuals, whānau, and our health system of Covid and Long COVID will include effects on the cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological, endocrine, and immune systems. 

You are actually describing the burden of vaccine injury – current and future – extremely well. Given the hundreds dead already, many thousands injured, and the queues awaiting help at our NZDSOS helpline, we agree the health system will be stretched, but not from the current variant. The government actually planned for a 1.1% serious vaccine injury rate at the beginning of all this (points 57 and 60 of linked reference). Whether accurate or not, certainly many of us know people that have been affected badly by their shots, despite liberal doses of denial all over the place. 

Recurrent waves of infection caused by waning immunity, new variants, and the premature removal of public health controls, would lead to an over-burdened healthcare system that would struggle to provide even standard services. 

See above. The variants are produced by the vaccine campaign itself. So are the waves of infection, predominantly only serious in the vaccinated. Remember, the average age of death from Covid though, is greater than that country’s average life expectancy. However, there should be desperately serious concern about the astonishing increase in death rates amongst the young in the most vaccinated countries round the world. Life insurers, investment managers, whistleblowers from HMOs and the DOD in the US are all screaming from the rooftops, about dramatic deviations from standardised mean death rates only ever seen in wartimes, amongst the vaccinated. 

COVID-19 is a highly infectious disease, but transmission is preventable. As previously outlined, there are inexpensive and highly effective strategies for suppressing infection rates, that will work in the background to keep people safe as they go about their daily lives. 

Well, it is not preventable with Vaccine Plus so far, is it?

However, deaths are preventable, by up to 85%, if early treatment with (fraudulently suppressed) Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin is given, based on multiple RCTs and real-world evidence from doctors around the globe experienced in actually treating patients. Budesonide inhalers, Vitamin D, brief treatment courses of Fluvoxamine, natural molecules like quercetin, black cumin, and NAC (N-Acetyl cysteine) have all proven effective in RCTs and high risk patients .

Some of our high profile medical leaders will go to their graves with the culpability for suppressing and belittling these life-saving treatments. The rest of us should stand up, research for ourselves and show medical leadership in our communities. 

We believe these measures can create a ‘covid-hostile’ environment in New Zealand that would protect us not only from new variants, but also from other airborne respiratory infections. 

You are dreaming, King Canute, or hopelessly ill-informed. Probably both.  The government has succeeded in creating only a human-hostile environment thus far.

In the face of high uncertainty about the future course and long-term impacts of the SARS- CoV-2 pandemic, New Zealand can again be a world leader if we embrace a comprehensive public health based, Vaccines Plus strategy.

Lead Author

Dr Kelvin Ward

Urgent Care Physician


Kelvin et al, we expect that the talking-head public health physicians and epidemiologists you are exhorting will tell you they – and our exhausted population – have done exactly what you are demanding. Scapegoating a minority for society’s ills didn’t work for Nazi Germany, and some of those same instincts are being played in present-day New Zealand. We must not let public health be dragged into political and financial gaming.  Surely it’s time to change tack, to return to the basics of our ethical interface with patients and reflect on what has worked in past viral pandemics. 

*Quotes about the mild nature of Covid from mainstream doctors and academics:

Dr Bryan Betty- Feb 2022 RNZ

“However, in the last four to five weeks, the situation has changed dramatically with Omicron, which is not Delta – it’s much more like a common cold, flu-like illness. And I think we need to move into a space very rapidly of thinking we’re going to live with this and get back to some sort of normality.”

Dr Ayesha Verrall- Jan 2022 NZ Herald

The Government has released its three-phased approach on how it will tackle the Omicron variant spreading through the community. “As case numbers grow, both testing and isolation approaches will change in response,” Associate Minister of Health Dr Ayesha Verrall said this afternoon.

Dr Michael Baker- Jan 2022 NZ Herald

The health impacts of Omicron were still uncertain, but at this stage it appeared to be less severe, he said. After looking at all the overseas evidence the Government could decide that letting the variant spread was the best strategy, especially with New Zealand’s high vaccination rates.

Professor Tony Blakey- Jan 2022 NZ Herald

… says the infection rate of Omicron is likely to be vastly understated as the majority are asymptomatic. “The second option is, somewhat controversially, to embrace Omicron. “Blakely said Omicron was “way less severe” thereby reducing the number of people that died or had to go to hospital.

Dr John Bonning- Jan 2022 RNZ

Emergency medicine specialist Dr John Bonning in a Radio NZ article: Asked if people should be seeking ED care if they got Omicron, he said for many people it feels like a head cold or flu.

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