Scott Adams, “Anti-Vaxxers” and the Global Coup d’état

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With almost 850,000 Twitter followers, author and Dilbert cartoon creator Scott Adams fits the definition of a social media “influencer”. Over the past three years he has been embroiled in many debates about Covid-19 and has promoted the mRNA vaccines, albeit with nuance and curiosity.

An online search for his tweets about receiving two Moderna shots offers evidence, but the Twitter link no longer works. The Wayback Machine shows at least one such tweet. He also writes about his vaccination status in his “My Pandemic Predictions” document, which is an explanation of his claims around the pandemic and their evolution.

Scott Adams Tweets missing

Has Scott Adams Been Red Pilled?

We are unsure of the answer to this question, but as the very nature of medicine requires nuance and curiosity, we appreciate his ability to communicate nuance with varying levels of skepticism. On 22 January 2023, at Episode 1995 of Real Coffee With Scott Adams, he states “The anti-vax people seem to be the winners“.

Substacker Michael Eades offers a longer analysis of Adams’ admission at Has Scott Adams Been Red-Pilled? As doctors, scientists and public health professionals we take issue with Adams’ choice of language as well as his conclusion about quite who the “winners” really are. Spoiler alert: it ain’t the public, whether jabbed or not.

Regarding his words, it is a simple fact that not every infectious disease is vaccine preventable. Safety and efficacy issues were associated with coronavirus vaccine trials long before 2020. Animal testing phases have shown that coronavirus vaccines can induce antibodies, but upon exposure to wild virus vaccinated animals have developed severe and lethal disease. (See articles here, here and here as examples).

Vaccinology scientists warning of the risks to human subjects are no more “anti vax” than NZDSOS who dare to warn of the vaccine associated risks of these substances. Robert F Kennedy Jr describes the problem of Vaccine Associated Enhanced Disease (VAED) concisely. He too, is labelled an “anti vaxxer” for his complex and nuanced knowledge, to which he responds:

As to Scott Adams’ conclusion that “anti vax people are the winners“, we stand with The Health Forum NZ who responded succinctly at their Telegram channel. The injected are dealing with horrific side effects and sudden deaths; the uninjected are dealing with trauma from the persecution and exclusion that they continue to endure. The only winners are Big Pharma and their public-private partners who have profited from the adversity they forced upon society in what seems to be a global coup d’état.

Pfizer Wins Scott Adams

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