Holocaust Survivor Vera Sharav: Unless All of Us Resist, Never Again is Now

Vera Sharav
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Vera Sharav is a Romanian-born Jewish US citizen who survived the Holocaust including three years in a Ukrainian concentration camp as a child. Today she is a prominent advocate for medical rights and freedoms, the President of the Alliance for Human Research Protection, and closely allied with Childrens’ Health Defense.

In August last year she gave an impassioned speech at the 75th anniversary of the Nuremberg Code, where she spoke about eugenics and transhumanism.

Since her Nuremberg speech she has directed and co-produced a five-part docuseries, the title of which references her words of warning: Never Again is Now Global. The series features multiple Holocaust survivors and/or their descendants, who compare events of today with historical experiences preceding and during World War II.

As corporate and other non-government interests conspire with public health bureaucracies and structures to install a global system of medical fascism, this series seems especially pertinent. Official institutions have enforced mandates and rules connected to profiteering from product sales concurrent with the elimination of human rights, freedoms and dignities.

Dr Meryl Nass has spoken eloquently of the current day installation of medical fascism. She presented at the Pandemic Strategies, Lessons and Consequences conference in Stockholm, Sweden in January 2023. Her presentation, Three methods of control: Medicine, censorship / propaganda and the WHO, identifies destruction of the food supply, disruption of the supply chain, and destruction of health as three age-old military tactics taking place again today. Nass outlines the four important factors that must be controlled in order for authority to be imposed: doctors and medical industries; information; money; and multi-national organisations and treaties (the obvious being World Health Organisation).

Throughout the Never Again is Now Global series, the team led by Vera Sharav intertwines historical events with sequential consequences. Examples include the private corporations whose products and services ensured the success of the Nazi regime, comparable to the public-private partnerships establishing today; and the post-war relocation of Nazi experts within American intelligence services, who are identified as deeply embroiled in the Covid-19 pandemic response.

Watch: Never Again is Now Global, Vera Sharav

All five episodes are available at NeverAgainIsNowGlobal.com.

Episode 1: Here We Go Again on Steroids

Episode 2: Anyone Who Wants to Start a War Has to Lie

Episode 3: Breaking the Veil of the Real Conspirators

Episode 4: This Time Around We’re All Jews

Episode 5: Never Give In – Never Give Up

Pulitzer Prize winner Alex Haley, author of Roots: The Saga of an American Family, shares similar ancestral struggles, of African-American slavery, to those that Vera Sharav has personal memory of. We can’t afford to ignore the words of wisdom stemming from their individual and familial histories.

Vera Sharav Alex Haley
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