Watch: Covid-19 Uncensored With Dr Matt Shelton

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Suspended from the Medical Council of New Zealand, Dr Matt Shelton refuses to be censored. With almost 40 years of medical experience he legitimately argues for his right to have and voice an opinion, which was never controversial until a mere two years ago. The team at NZDSOS and our international alliances, expanding by the day, stand with him. We call on our colleagues to join us in defence of medical science and medical freedom.

New media networks are emerging at a pace of knots in New Zealand as the populace increasingly recognise that a “single source of truth” intends to censor freedom and serve a single agenda. We are awakened to the fact that our mainstream news outlets, like those across the western world, are dominated by a corporate monopoly.

Two independent, free access channels worth knowing about are The Platform and Ziln TV. Connected to both is long time media personality Paul Brennan who sat down with Dr Shelton yesterday.

People might call me an anti-vaxxer but I’ve been vaccinating people my whole life … It doesn’t work as a vaccine. It does not stop you being able to contract the illness Covid-19, it doesn’t stop you being able to pass it on to other people … the opposite is true. There is strong evidence that it makes you more likely to go down with Covid…

Dr Matt Shelton

Watch: Matt Shelton and Paul Brennan Uncensored at The Platform

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