Dr. Emanuel Garcia and The Beauty of Freedom

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Dr Emanuel Garcia spoke at the Wellington protest in February 2022 on the constraints, stress and damage caused by the governments covid response and how the beauty of freedom is the right of every living person.

Fear itself was the contagion, the psychological virus which spread through New Zealand fueled by the governments narrative, supported by media, and leaving no area of life unscathed by the manipulation, unjust enforcement of peoples choices and the control measures which were indefensible and had no moral justification.

New Zealand employed some of the strictest lockdown measures in the world and this response has been questioned not only due to its lack of science but the psychological damage it caused. Coupled with the restrictions of lockdowns, the job mandates and the 10-day isolation period all of these measures prompted otherwise peaceful people to protest to stand for freedom and their fundamental human rights.

Camp Freedom will go down in New Zealand history for many reasons, but foremost it will be remembered as the time when ordinary people voiced their concerns, held the government to account and stood for democracy.

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Listen here: Dr. Emanual Garcia and The Beauty of Freedom

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