Gene therapy

Watch: Gene Therapy – Medical Breakthrough or Inevitable Disaster?

In this video, Dr Guy Hatchard discusses the evolution and effects of gene therapy. This video was removed from Youtube and can now be found on Dr Hatchard’s website.

A brief summary:

The technology behind the development of mRNA vaccines is derived from earlier work on gene therapy covering more than 30 years. But gene therapy has a poor safety record.

Gene Therapy Has Resulted In:

  • unwanted cancers
  • viral illness
  • auto immune and other activation and other serious adverse effects.

Most advances in health during the last 200 years have resulted from improvements in hygiene and nutrition. But after 2010, US life expectancy plateaued and in 2014, it began reversing. Why is that?

And how biotechnology has quietly invaded every aspect of our life.

There are other ways to treat Covid-19. Furthermore, we can be healthier and more resilient when we respect ourselves and our fellow man.

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