Private Eyes Are Keeping You Under Surveillance

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Your health (or disease) is under surveillance and is contributing to a global database.
But the results aren’t translating into the required action – stopping the injections!

Post-marketing surveillance

Did you know that you are being monitored as part of the post-marketing surveillance (phase 4 clinical trial) for covid 19 vaccines?  Did you consent to having your data used in this way?  According to a media release from the Science Media Centre in May 2021, Dr Helen Petousis-Harris advised that ‘some sites (in her Global Vaccine Data Network – GVDN) are monitoring just a portion of the country’s population while others like the New Zealand site will monitor the entire population.’

The article is a little odd in that it seems the outcome of the monitoring is already pre-determined.  ‘Serious adverse reactions are extremely rare is stated more than once.  ‘It may be one of the most important safety assurance projects…’, ‘…it will contribute to vaccine confidence around the world.’  How was all that known before the monitoring started?  Surely it would be impossible to find problems with the vaccine when the expectations of safety are so high.  How does unprecedented excess mortality, young people dying suddenly shortly after being injected and the sudden emergence of SADS fit with ‘safety assurance’ and ’vaccine confidence’? Only in an Orwellian, Alice in Wonderland world where corporations dictate reality and manipulative messaging is everything.

Back to your involvement: whether you like it or not, whether you consented or not, and whether you are inoculated or not, you are on the Covid Immunisation Register (CIR) and under surveillance.  This was going to be combined with the National Immunisation Register (NIR) for childhood vaccines and morph into the National Immunisation Solution (NIS) but that obviously sounded a bit sinister, so the name of the new combined entity has had an upgrade.  It is now going to be the Aotearoa Immunisation Register (AIR).  Apparently, there is no ability to opt out of having your vaccine information recorded.

All the childhood vaccines, adult ones and the multitude of new genetic injections being whipped up in laboratories around the world will be recorded on this.  Your data will be able to be used for ‘keeping you and others safe, carrying out authorised research and preparing and publishing statistics’ among other things.  “Some information, such as information about reactions to a particular vaccine, will be shared with other organisations who provide health services.”

Dr Petousis-Harris and the Global Vaccine Data Network

Dr Petousis-Harris and others have been reassuring us all in multiple ways that the jabs are ‘safe and effective’ and that adverse effects are rare and the most likely ones are short-lived pain at the injection site, swelling, headache, nausea and fatigue. 

However, what the Global Vaccine Data Network (GVDN) is really studying is Adverse Events of Special Interest (AESIs) – a whole list of serious life-threatening adverse effects.  The things that supposedly aren’t connected to the vaccines when you go to your GP or turn up to the Emergency Dept, cardiologist or mortuary with them.  The table below lists the things under surveillance/monitored by GVDN.

Adverse Events of Special Interest Monitored by GVDN

Not included in the table are the numerous pregnancy outcomes also being measured – stillbirth, premature rupture of membranes, pre-term birth, neo-natal death, sudden infant death, and maternal death.  Why would they be interested in those things when the vaccine is perfectly safe at any and all stages of pregnancy according to Dr Nikki Turner?

Oddly, anxiety is not on the list.  That would be a common diagnosis post-vaccination, according to reports we are receiving.

We think it is outrageous that the GVDN can be monitoring the whole population of NZ for these life-threatening and life-changing events following covid-19 vaccination effectively in secret while, at the same time, lying to us about how safe the vaccines are.

It should be noted that in Feb 2021 the government of NZ expected 1.1% of vaccinees (points 57 and 60 on page 12) to develop a serious adverse event, presumably one such as one of these.  That is one in every hundred vaccinated Kiwis.  How many of these people do you know?

It is interesting to consider that the GVDN received seed funding from none other than the Gates Foundation which invests heavily in vaccinations. How would a monitoring system for vaccinations, funded by someone profiting from them, possibly be able to find any problems? 

Could it be that the GVDN is a giant laundering system designed to hide and obfuscate the enormous degree of harm being visited upon the population? Helen Petousis-Harris and her ilk are certainly using something to hide the truth.

Simple questions on our personal data surveillance and AESI’s

We would like the following questions answered by this global well-funded research organisation using our personal data:

  • How does GVDN determine whether the vaccine has caused any of these AESIs?
  • How many of these AESIs have been observed and how soon after vaccination are they occurring?
  • Has every death, injury and new disability in a vaccinated New Zealander since 20 Feb 2021 been thoroughly investigated?
  • How many post-mortems on vaccinated New Zealanders have been done?
  • How do GVDN’s results compare to our measly, delayed, voluntary and under-reporting CARM system – quite the opposite of the active pharmacovigilance we were promised would be protecting us?
  • Have pathologists been looking for spike protein in various tissues, particularly blood vessels?
  • Where are the vaccinated vs unvaccinated studies that were promised? The unofficial ones – using our eyes and ears – don’t look good for the multiply jabbed.

Sharing information should be a 2-way street and benefit the social contract between society and science – the results should inform high-quality, efficacious and low-risk health care, not feed us false, deceptive or destructive trickery and keep you under surveillance.

If you are disturbed by your information being used in this way, please share this information, discuss it with others, phone into talkback radio and speak to your doctor and/or your local MP. You may even consider a complaint to the privacy commissioner about surveillance where appropriate.

What did Daryl Hall & John Oats know back in 1981?

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