Stuff’s Latest Covid-19 ‘Witch-Hunt’ – Journalism or Opportunistic Sensationalism?

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Stuff journalist Amy Ridout’s most recent opportunistic hit piece hardly qualifies as journalism, but rather a sensationalist ‘witch-hunt’. The article paints as we have come to expect from our supposed leading national media organisation a very low-bar type of vulgarism (certainly not ethical and honest journalism) which attempts to discredit Dr. Caroline Wheeler.

Where do we begin Amy Ridout? Firstly, the golden rule of any reputable article should be based on ‘truth’ and quite frankly you slipped up in the first paragraph when you report “a fake covid-19 vaccination exemption” was given to a patient. More misinformation follows as Amy claims a “high dose” of Ivermectin was used for Dr. Caroline Wheeler’s patient. Plus your initial dose quoted using micrograms instead of milligrams is quite frankly, poor attention to detail and misleading.

The article above all else, glaringly highlights the increasing erosion of the right for medical doctors to practice as independent clinicians, performing clinical assessments and making individualised recommendations without media or government intimidation. Threats, investigations, loss of licenses, demonised by the media, it is becoming very clear there is little tolerance for doctors’ (albeit anyone) in New Zealand today who may have a differing opinion to the government narrative. Correct us if we are wrong, but doesn’t this ooze totalitarianism?

To learn more about Ivermectin, its history, impact on covid in humans, and the controversy surrounding this essential drug, see the links below and read from the variety of sources which have been researched and use this to help form your own opinion on Ivermectin rather than be forced inline to accept the one narrative from the government and our medical agencies.

  • Denying Ivermectin a Harbinger for Medicine – read here
  • World Ivermectin Day Information – read here
  • Together Trial: Manipulating Ivermectin Results – read here
  • Ivermectin and Treatment Suppression in the Spotlight – read here

Lastly for the record, Dr. Caroline Wheeler pictured below is a well respected GP who acted ethically in accordance with the NZ Medical Council and at all times ensured her patients received evidence-based information about the safest and most effective treatments so they were able to make fully informed decisions themselves. Please note our photo, courtesy of Dr. Wheeler is current, and not a dated, archived image which Amy Ridout dragged out from eight years ago – yet another embarrassing journalism faux pas.

Read here: Stuff’s latest Covid-19 ‘Witch-Hunt’ – Journalism or Opportunistic Sensationalism?

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