Becoming a member of NZDSOS does not require you to have your name in the public eye. You can choose to be listed, or you can choose to remain anonymous.

Most of us came together all at once with a shared determination to alert the officials and the public of the possible adverse effects and unknowns of the rollout, knowing the career jeopardy we face on speaking out.  We believe we have a stronger message if we do not remain anonymous.  We are standing up for our patients and the public alike and the officials know who we are. Our letters and statements need to be fearless and confident.

On the technical side, we are facing well-resourced authorities who presently feel their best interests are served by using tax payer funds to close down unapproved debate. It’s all a bit cloak and dagger and feels weird for New Zealanders. What would David Lange think about where New Zealand has got to within a generation? There’s a whiff of uranium- or is it graphene in there air. 

Names of those who choose to stand publicly.

Only those professionals who have agreed, have their names on this page. Currently, names of the public who have signed the Declaration do not appear.

Cindy de Villiers, Tracy Chandler, Simon Thornley, Tessa Jones, Jacques Imbeau, Anne O’Reilly, Anna Goodwin, Peter Canaday, Paul Butler, Caroline Wheeler, Tracy Chapman, Ulrich Doering, Rob Maunsell, Fred M. Timmermans, Rene de Monchy, Mike Godfrey, Emanuel E Garcia, Graham H. Evans, Tihomir Djordjic, Matthius Seidel,  Anna Harvey, Kate Armstrong, Elena Bishop,  Pavel Gajdusek, Clare Halford, Helen Proctor, Rupert Scott, Joy Sutton, Katherine Thompson, David Walsh, Karen Doouss, Ronald Goedeke, Steve Taylor, Janion Lempriere Heywood, Tralee Sugrue, Sophie Febery, Alanna Ratna, Deon Claassens, Glenn Twentyman, Dave Walsh, Alison Goodwin, Ann-Marie Jenner, Ximena Hunefeldt, Matatoa Engu, Vivian Rusman, Joe Rozencwajg, Anna Romeo Brualla, Iren Barna, Felicity Breen, Emma Sandford, Deepak Gupta, Kevin Nevil, Rebecca White, Jonie Girouard, Matt Shelton, Jennifer Westgate, Mark Wickham, Helene McNabb, Fiona Barr, Pania Flint, Carlton Brown, Christiana Lafferty, Maria Reeves, Louise Burnside, Aleksandra Mark, Vivien Mackintosh, Ann Shivas, Stephen May, Carolina Meintjes, Mark Webster, Maurice McGrath, Rebecca White, Amanda Isdale, Mark Edmonds, Sanchit Bhatia, Vanja Bojovic, Mark Pinkerton, Andrew Bell, Leigh Willoughby, Snezana Novkovic-Djordjevic, Bruce Dooley