Ivermectin – A Key Part of the Ghastly C-19 Con

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What you have been told about Ivermectin in the mainstream media, and possibly from your doctor too is, LIES.

Ivermectin – The Reality

The following is a synopsis put together by the NZDSOS team, mainly of short videos that are easy and fast to watch providing you with broader information. We encourage you to watch and assess for yourself.

Ivermectin is an approved medicine in NZ with an excellent safety profile, and doctors are able to prescribe it.  However, various entities have made threats with no medical, legal or scientific basis to prevent doctors from prescribing it.

The reason for this is so that the injections could get ‘Emergency Use Authorisation’ in the US.  Essentially, if there was an effective treatment such as Ivermectin, there was no ability to approve rushed vaccines.

The 11-min video on this webpage describes the history of Ivermectin, its discovery and Nobel prize, its safety and common uses. 

This website keeps an up-to-date compilation of studies related to the use of Ivermectin in covid 19.

This video is of Dr Pierre Kory (an experienced, highly published pulmonary and critical care physician) testifying to the US Senate in Dec 2020 about the overwhelming beneficial effects of Ivermectin.  He was vilified, cancelled and censored for sharing his discoveries, despite his impressive credentials. 

This 3-min video is of Dr Tess Lawrie (a UK doctor whose business is Evidence Based Medicine) sharing the great news that there is an effective treatment for covid 19 with UK PM Boris Johnson in January 2021.

This 19-minute video documents Dr Lawrie’s interactions with Dr Andrew Hill and reveals how science was manipulated because Dr Hill’s Liverpool University received funding (to the tune of $40 million) from Unitaid.

This excellent short video (13 mins) featuring several highly experienced physicians and scientists, describes why and how Ivermectin has been discredited and doctors prevented from prescribing it.  

Understanding the lies and deception that have occurred with Ivermectin may open the door to questions about the wider covid narrative and the suppression of early treatment in general.

Please share this article with friends and family and also encourage your doctor to watch the short videos.


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