3rd Letter to Andrew Coster After His Refusal to Meet NZLSOS

Andrew Coster Refusal
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The NZLSOS (New Zealand Lawyers Speaking Out with Science) lobby group needs your help. We have written to Andrew Coster, the Police Commissioner, on two occasions and requested that the police investigate the contents of the vaccine and meet with us, along with NZ scientists and doctors raising concerns.

The police have refused our requests. It would appear from the police’s response that either the police are `just following orders’ from above (reminiscent of another time in history) or the police do not understand the concerns being raised. We have sent a third open letter and an Official Information Request as of 22.4.22.

Please share this letter with politicians, your local DHB and members of your local Council. Please print off the letter, take it to the police, and raise your concerns. If the senior police refuse to act, there may be merit in talking to local police officers (especially if you know someone in the police force) who care about their local communities.

Letter to Andrew Coster

This letter can be shared along with the presentation on possible Micro-tech in the Covid-19 injections. Lets be brave.

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