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Aotearoa… Land of the Long Covid Whitewash Cloud?

By an anonymous supporter

We are barraged just now with articles and reports on the apparent scourge of long covid. We suppose it keeps the scary c-word in the news, and might drum up a few more takers for the failing booster program.   

Long covid. Is it actually a thing? Or is much or all of it adverse jab reactions, antibody dependent enhancement, breakthrough infections, immune dysregulation etc etc….take your pick. We don’t want to be unsympathetic but post-viral syndromes have been recognised for decades anyway, and most of our health helpline work is with the vax injured not the post-viral.

For so many people, the Pfiza has resulted in serious adverse outcomes, with ongoing medical sequelae, death being the ultimate outcome for some. We continue to scream blue murder and may never know the true number, because official due diligence on this reality appears not to be affordable or desirable, and would result in further loss of credibility and trust in those who have much to lose. 

Due diligence to victims’ plight would expose those who had been aware of the risks and chose to look the other way, and those who denied any discourse on other options to their patients and consumers, during abandoned Informed Consent. There is special contempt particularly for those who denied exemptions to people already injured by this medical procedure, which ought never to have been mandated in the first place. Remember, it never prevented transmission!

The interpretation of what ‘long covid’ is, or how it might arise in the first place, and be prevented, alleviated or recovered from, of course deserves close scrutiny by those with no skin in the game, if such people can be found. Mainstream articles bemoaning the unfortunate sufferers make no mention of their jab status, timing of symptom onset etc. Remember, the jab makes far more spike protein than the natural infection, and often for many months, and this could be even a lifetime for some unlucky people. 

A Dereliction of Duty

We must ask why the NZ MOH failed to endorse, fund and provide education on ‘early treatments’ for Covid, and post-viral infection treatments, in order to treat ongoing symptoms or medical conditions following either the disease process, or the experimental injections. Might this have prevented long covid altogether? Of course, and with this particular trial showing such “consistent and overwhelming effects”  it was halted early. And TGA consultant Dr Phillip Altman’s extensively referenced submission to Australia’s drug regulator on its continued ban on early treatments for covid-19 stands as an appalling indictment of pharma-government-induced death and suffering.

With such an enormous body of medical and scientific expertise to refer to, how did the NZ Government manage to drop the ball so badly, be so inept and willing to engage in egregious abuses of human and medical rights? Why were the medical and scientific communities so willing to comply without questions, relinquishing their normal best practice approaches? What became of individual patient-focused healthcare, the Hippocratic oath, and pledges?  The easy answer of course is that they all fell victim to government fear-pedalling and disempowerment, and the rest is history of human psychological frailty.

Also one must ponder on academic Codes of Conduct, as legislated in the Education Act, in terms of what scientific experts continue to promulgate and their conflicts of interest, which raises questions about  bias and lack of objectivity. 

The failure of the experimental mRNA Pfizer injection to act as a ‘vaccine’, and the adverse outcomes which were experienced and reported in increasing numbers among all age demographics, became an inconvenient truth to be denied and to be buried. This avoided any accountability and ultimately obstructed an effective and timely duty of care to those in their hour of need.

Often, injured citizens are vilified and dismissed; they are disabled and left with incapacitating conditions and incapable of working, with no fair or accessible assistance and uncertain futures. These people are abandoned and navigating a lonely and debilitating path, without a humane response from the very people they were led to believe they could trust. Their right to self determination was eroded. A climate of denial became the norm and adverse reactions became normalised, asserted to be a sign of a robust immune response to the Covid injection, to the ‘treatment’, the ‘prevention’. All of this is egregious lies of course.

Of course, forcing any medical procedure – even one demonstrably safe –  is a direct contravention of multiple codes and agreements that enshrine freedom to refuse consent, because there is no free choice when a consent is obtained under duress, or with threats of penalties or punitive measures. For anyone to have denied an exemption is tantamount to medical malfeasance and malpractice. If death occurred as a result of the Pfizer experimental injection, would this be negligent homicide? If someone dies after poor treatment by a licensed doctor, the doctor can be charged in a criminal court. But in the current situation, who would be charged?

Immune to Sane Science

It became acceptable to disengage, and distance oneself from those with critical inquiring minds. These people were deemed to be ‘anti science,’ even though they sought discourse on the science and were articulate and engaged in a calm and rational manner, unlike those who sought to ‘cancel’ them and to run from any public or private discussion.

Health practitioners continue to be prohibited from advising preventive measures, which would have supported the innate and adaptive immune pathways of their patients, rather than repeated jabs hammering the latter into submission and derailing its connection with the former.

The Government’s own documents demonstrate that they knew about hydroxychloroquine. Their plans for it are elucidated in this link, and $600,00 and $429,00 were budgeted to look at Hydroxychloroquine. What happened there? And no mention or plans for Zinc, Vitamins C and D, melatonin, ivermectin and other measures that were relevant and being shown to be effective in other countries as antiviral treatments and upregulators of the immune system. They could also play a part in prevention, especially for those with comorbidities, or other at-risk individuals. How many of these folk now have long covid? 

If this was really about ‘Health’ then there was a paucity of information, and effort, to offer these interventions. An injection and a voucher, cash even, or free KFC was a public health measure. There was no education about home nursing, safe fever management, good nutrition, exercise, sunlight, adequate sleep, etc. Drive thru medicine, a dumbed down consent process and one-size-fits-all became an attractive strategy to “boost rates of vaccination.” 

Even now, in midwinter, public health measures that would be beneficial, safe, effective and economically viable, are absent from discussions. 

Did the contract between the NZ Government and Pfizer, which required that no other interventions or measures be employed – leaving only their experimental injection as the so-called silver bullet – contribute to the poor outcomes being reported now in NZ and in every other country where this product was used? We say this is mostly long jab. 

Was it responsible governance to agree to no liability for Pfizer and that all of their scientific responses to Medsafe’s questions remain confidential, 79+ of these, which are listed in the (still only) Provisional Consents? On what grounds did it make sense to deny doctors, nurses and anyone seeking consents and/or administering those experimental injections, unfettered access to Pfizer’s responses to Medsafe? 

Primum Non Nocere/First Do No Harm

How is defending this cornerstone ethical pillar possible when those at the coalface do not have relevant and updated information, which would allow them to advise others (who are of the belief that ‘Doctor knows best?’).

How much “long covid” could have been avoided if people had adequate Vitamin D levels, thus avoiding a cytokine storm (the final, all-in, kitchen sink assault by the immune system) and poor outcomes? We may never know exactly but the research is pretty compelling.

We do know that the PM’s Chief Scientist and others recognised the national levels of Vitamin D deficiency, before Covid arrived in NZ in 2020. Research was requested ‘Under Urgency’ and the comprehensive information which emerged from the research, is here. What followed as a result of this information? It seems there was no further interest from the Prime Minister’s Office, on receiving the research. No policies or strategies were implemented to remedy this easy to fix deficiency. 

Is it not perplexing, then, that those who spoke out about this crucial nutrient hormone Vitamin D and its crucial role in immunity and its potential to impact positively in respect of Covid disease, were called ‘anti-science,’ ‘dangerous’ and other derogatory and divisive words?

Sometimes, all that is left is rhetoric and disbelief

Where is the trust and credibility to be found when those paid to regulate, assure and protect, have failed to do so, or are shown to have been wilfully ignorant, continuing to ignore the basic tenets of immunology? When faced with this viral infection, they seemingly denied prophylactic interventions, and safe and effective acute and post acute/convalescent treatments to those in need. 

When will our health system be fit for purpose, and compliant with the NZ Health and Disability Code, which adorns the walls of medical establishments across the nation? 

When will the legal profession, the scientific community and the doctors recalibrate their moral compasses and honour their professional codes of conduct, instead of allowing themselves to be politicised? Why could they not have stood in solidarity at the outset?  After the last few years, with the emergence of scientific evidence that has exposed the truth and demonstrated real-time wrong-doing, why do they stand by and continue to endorse the narrative, even as other countries are now challenging and adjusting their advice, recommendations and policies? Some of these countries are acknowledging the harm and exercising due diligence to those affected. Even some politicians are speaking out in Parliaments.

Where is the untailored data revealing ongoing medical conditions post covid injections (including recurrent covid of course), which begs the question is this long covid or Immune dysregulation? And comparisons with the uninjected?

Such comparison is easy to make ‘in the field’, for sure. Publicly available data would be good though. 

Meanwhile, it seems some of us are being killed and many more injured. Most people now will know some of the 67 000 post jab injuries reported to Medsafe. Over 8000 excess deaths since early 2022 are being denied, ignored and hidden. Who can blame us if we have to move to sort it out ourselves?

Long Covid? Our country will suffer from ‘Long Covid Cock-up’ for many years to come. 

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  1. You people are real heroes for taking a stand against the govt. forced mandates, may in time you all be credited for your refusal to submit to what one deems unnecessary injections without debate to the people of NZ.

  2. My wife and I, age 78 & 79, chose not to have the jab because we were both in good health and were not happy about its experimental status.
    Neither of us has had Covid, or Flu, or even a common cold! while neighbors, family and many friends who were all jabbed have had Covid – some twice or three times! We put up with being mandated out of society, abuse, etc (my GP told me I might die) but here we are – hail and hearty! Follow the money to find the Corruption’ – in this case – Big Pharma. We are with you guys.

  3. If you are continuing to have ailments, especially if you have had the chance vaccination…s, get a nicotine patch, cut it in 4 and put 1 quarter on you arm. Leave on for 3 -4 days then replace with another, repeat, repeat. You should be coming right by now. The covid virus and injections affect your nicotine responders within your body and affect people differently. Check out DrArdis https://www.facebook.com/1174146786/posts/pfbid02AeTXXgjpHJVbW83AR5ux34foySCBWBfNv1ByDcT1FpT87px3XDRzBduWNiUNQ3XRl/?mibextid=2JQ9oc

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