The New Pfizer Shot, Will You Buy the Bivalent Lemon?

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The Ministry of Health has announced the new Pfizer shot will be made available to all New Zealanders over 30 years of age, but are the increasingly weary New Zealand public willing to take another shot in the arm with this bivalent lemon – oops, the novel experimental injection which purportedly prevents you from getting Omicron? New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) responds to the National Radio interview with Helen Petousis-Harris where she discusses the latest mRNA technology injection.

The introduction of the new injection is part of the new Health Minister Ayesha Verrall’s drive to be prepared for winter, but given the significant evidence indicating the short-lived and minor protection against what is a mild viral illness coupled with the growing international acknowledgement of natural immunity to provide robust protection against severe outcomes from infection, it really does beg the question why the push for further jabs.

Vaccinologist Petousis-Harris herself says “the new formulation does have an edge over the other one, it will provide a bit of extra protection particularly in the shorter term” however her statement hardly offers a very encouraging or reassuring recommendation particularly as late last year on Radio NZ she said “I wouldn’t be running out to get myself boosted. I don’t think it would be particularly useful.”

The growing human cost and sombre statistics of harm, injury and death from the experimental mRNA technology injections alongside the exponential rise in all-cause mortality around the world should be enough for this lemon to be tossed where it belongs into the compost bin once and for all. Combined with the gaping holes in the ‘safe and effective’ narrative we can only hope that with more and more New Zealanders waking up to the truth, they will see this for what it is and reclaim their health choices and not be coerced by the government to get boosted which now appears clearer than ever to be one very rotten lemon.

Read here: The New Pfizer Shot, Will You Buy the Bivalent Lemon?

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