Babes at Risk: The Science on Co-Administration is Absolutely Absent

Babes at risk where is science
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As other countries wind back vaccination programs, NZ is going full-steam ahead despite a conspicuous absence of “the science” to support such a decision. Covid vaccination commenced recently for under 5s, at this stage for high risk babies only, despite the injection being  appallingly badly tested on healthy under 5s. The Pfizer Bivalent Booster (tested on 8 mice before being rolled out to humans) is also being introduced for everyone over 30.

Where is The Science?

Co-administration of the covid injection with other routine childhood immunisations is being recommended.  We are curious about the science this is based on.

The latest RMP from Feb 2023 lists in the Missing Information table “Interaction with other vaccines” and the study underway to improve the science is looking at co-administration with the flu vaccine.  No mention of any or all of the other childhood schedule vaccines.

The Comirnaty datasheet states: “Concomitant administration of COMIRNATY with other vaccines has not been studied.”

An attendee at a recent IMAC webinar about the baby vax was curious about this recommendation that high-risk babies receive their covid vaccine at the same time as routine childhood immunisations.  Where and what was the research?

The Question Was Posed:

Do we know about the co-administration of Comirnaty and other vaccines and whether that has been researched?

Listen to the answers…  to summarise: Effectively, no it hasn’t been researched but other countries are doing it and this is the way it has always been done, so we don’t anticipate any problems.  We’re basing our advice on ‘First Principles’ – not scientific research. 

What exactly are ‘First Principles’?

Are they assumptions that just because we have always done it this way (added vaccines to the childhood schedule without testing the schedule in its entirety against placebos, and certainly not long term) and other countries are doing it this way, that it is safe??  Is it even possible to use ‘first principles’ when this is the first time babies have been injected with mRNA technology?

Rather than using ‘first principles’ we’d prefer Medsafe and IMAC used the Precautionary Principle and assumed that there could possibly be adverse effects from injecting babies with a gene therapy in combination with a multitude of other vaccines.  We suggest that they research co-administration thoroughly before offering this cocktail to our least healthy babies.

What do you think?

*Bexsero is the recombinant (created using genetically engineered bacteria) meningococcal B vaccine which has just been added to the routine childhood schedule as at 1 Mar 2023.

Babes The Science
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