Gender Identity Politics: Another Brazen Attack?

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​We have seen the various assaults on humanity designed to tear the fabric of society apart so that it is ripe to be Built Back Better, just minus basic human rights – assaults on religion, bodily autonomy, on our financial security and independence, on freedom from the fear of various apocalypses etc. However, one that has slipped our attention during the vax nightmare is highlighted by the QR state’s lust for our data, and the NZ census is a plum opportunity to test how well its assault on our kids’ gender identity is going. It asks who no longer identifies with their birth gender.

The Notion of ‘Gender Fluidity’ as a Sign of a Manipulated Society

Forced by Stats NZ to dip our toe into the oft-vicious world of gender politics with several binary observations of our own, we take a huge breath and state at the outset: as conscientious doctors already derided as antivax for defending ethical absolutes previously enshrined in medicine and law, we do not endorse puberty blockers for children (and their permanent effects in many cases), nor adult gender reassignment surgery, let alone before the mid-20s when full maturation of the brain has finished. This is especially so regarding the all important frontal lobes that integrate the intellect, personality and decision-making apparatus. Similarly, well-meaning (really?) but catastrophic therapy attempts to “transition” the biological sex of children and young adults, at a time of their intense malleability and vulnerabilty to a whole host of engineered messaging, is complete cruelty, and an assault on their most crucial support – the family, which may be already fractured by an over-competitive, unfair, spiritually challenged and manipulated world.

These concerns may be criticised as uninformed and outdated; the unreconstructed thinking of old white males. Tell that to the younger mums of people who have committed suicide after being fully surgically ‘reassigned’, and then awakening to their folly. The incidence is relatively high; too high to be fobbed off with collectivist appeals to “the greater good”. And where have we heard that before lately?

We may know some family and friends who seem to have happily transitioned (a very few brave souls have known since their earliest feelings that they were wrongly assigned, and truly thrive when swapped) but we have to point out there is a whole industry of co-dependent people enabling the rest, whose livelihoods depend on driving this freight train, which is heading over the societal cliff. The fallout will be intense.

We believe there is a truly evil agenda funding this avant garde approach to coralling off the impressionable outliers within the normal distribution of our kids’ development. It has been transfected into the education system, and delivered throughout the curriculum –  along with other nonsense like taking the knee to net zero, and how to recognise disinfo (actual answer: when most government officials or tenured academics open their mouths). But nowhere is this more obvious than in the sexuality training penetrating our kids’ impressionable minds. Some of our children and their friends openly refer to it as sexual grooming training. We are all for removing sexual ignorance as a source of life stress and unhappiness, and teaching how to ensure valid consent (oh, the terrible irony!) but, really is this not just encouraging gender dysmorphia? Some of the  self-pleasuring techniques taught to our 12 year olds raised eyebrows for some of us parents. Pass the hairbrush…

Many of the clinicians advancing the Brave New World of the hormonal, surgical and psychological  techniques required to ‘transition’ may believe egotistically they are advancing humanity somehow, and relieving suffering. But their legacy will be surely despised for the misguided and blunderbuss approach to a contrived epidemic of gender dysphoria that we have somehow missed and neglected through the ages.

It would seem that the same forces are at play which pushed that a man-made synthetic mRNA was more effective than natural immunity and that humans are to be enhanced by nano-machines. Have we become so conceited as to once again proclaim that we can improve on nature?  That has rarely worked out.

Truth Bombs Are Gender Neutral

Surely though, far more suffering is caused by stilted, narrow, conformist behavioural stereotypes of the two genders themselves, and of course many women dearly wished for the lives of power and relative ease they saw in their menfolk. Common too are the many imaginative musings of childhood: what might it be like to be the opposite sex, with perhaps a yearning to try it out if it were possible without risk or permanence? Why not dress up?

The normal blurring of daydreams, play and biological realities were the fertile ground into which the opportunist psychologist nudgers planted their subversive seeds, perfectly timed to germinate with the burgeoning and very necessary adolescent drive for autonomy and separation. What a powerful way to reject societal norms, to assert one’s independence, even over apparent absolutes like gender. Teens innately seek individuality, and yet also to have a tribe that stands against a cruel and stupid world that refuses to understand them. Perhaps they are on to something after all, these days. So they will shock if they can, and what a gift has been offered to them! The intoxication of a power over the most inflexible aspect of themselves so far – their sexual anatomy.

But absolutely this is not to ignore the delightful cross-dressers, flamboyant eccentrics and male and female homosexuality that is part of the kaleidoscope of human behaviour across cultures and the ages. God forbid, too, we memory-hole the prejudice, cruelty and suffering visited on these fellow humans, the mending of which has been a triumph of enlightened compassion, wisdom and common sense. The road to emancipation and allowing for sexual preference expression in New Zealand has been a hallmark of what was a country seemingly destined for greatness, at least from a human rights perspective. 

A ‘Gender-Bending’ Chemical Soup?

There is a very uncomfortable truth though that gets missed in the fur-flying screaming matches this crisis of Western values inspires. Some of the suspected narcisso-psychopath trillionaire families and billionaire individuals who have burned a candle for eugenics, and now population reduction and transhumanism, have minted  power through industries that pollute the planet with gender-bending chemicals. By an accident of chemistry, most petrochemical derivatives can mimic human oestrogen. Phthalates and bisphenol-A from plastics, atrazine, aromatic alcohols, heavy metals, solvents and degreasers, flavourings, colourings, agrichemicals, fluoride compounds, dioxin, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals (including contraceptives and hormone treatments, consumed either personally or via contaminated water) are all ‘xenobiotics’, or foreign biotoxins. Many of these chemicals emanate from our devices and appliances too, along with all the electromagnetic radiation that also changes many aspects of cellular function and communication. To what extent does this chemical cocktail play a part in gender dysphoria?

Hormones drive structure before they drive function, via profound effects on gene expression. Congenital disorders of the urogenital tract are certainly on the increase. More women are needing assisted reproduction. The average male sperm count has been on a straight line decline since at least the 1970s, and the rate has accelerated in the new millenium, to around 2.3% per year. By 2030, Homo erectus dysfunctionalis may well be sterile.

The brand new female foetus has made her several hundred eggs – the lifetime supply – by around day 26 after conception. Many mothers-to-be do not even know they are pregnant by this stage. Similarly, expression of the genetically determined gender chromosomes,  XX for girls and XY for boys, is held in neutral for the first  several weeks, and the mother’s hormonal environment is the critical determinant of the subsequent correct dance (or not) that drives differentiation of male or female characteristics.

These differences also affect the brain, and it is only in the last decade or so that structural differences have been identified finally between men and women. And not just the after-dinner feminist’s favourite that women have bigger brains as a proportion of body weight.  These are real world differences in design that, if developmentally arrested or incomplete, could be a driver on their own for psychological and emotional effects in the person’s life, including possibly gender dysmorphia, and which add to the multiple implications of the catastrophe that is the disturbed hormonal environment.

The research landscape is vexed and controversial, subject to virtue signaling and financed special interest groups being used to drive a far larger agenda than they realise. The nature-nurture debate is  conducted without the nuanced appreciation of so much yet to be discovered. The final answers may well come from quantum physics and electromagnetism, which some observers feel explains all. But the oft-quoted quantum mechanic Richard Feynman took a more top-down approach when he observed: “Reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled“.

In the interests of a brief break from this heavy topic, and to test our ability to laugh at our differences, and appreciate elements of the human condition, we offer the following  truths and nonsense. This is as much to test our own reactions, prejudices,  and our willingness to tolerate the discomfort of others’ perspectives. This latter ability is sadly lost in wokeism. ​

We’ve all seen this one above, or variations on it. It uses provocative humour to celebrate differences that many of us relate to, perhaps with a rueful eye roll. Perhaps it is all rubbish and, in the end, we are all absolutely unique, and can ‘play’ with whatever identity we want. However, we can’t expect others to dance around the absolute truth that we aren’t a wolf, or a fairy, or a tank, or a woman if we have a penis, for fear of bringing out our inner cry-bully, and shouting down freedom of speech. 

This next graphic reminds us that men and women can borrow from each other’s palette, and that we do move back and forward between them as we navigate life, especially if we engage with personal development tools. This fluidity is normal, despite the basic binary coding to our bodies, and affirms that if we wish to change the way we feel, there are far less destructive ways than mutilating the outward signs of our birth gender.

So, acknowledging that our chemically polluted internal world might be confusing our genes, shouldn’t we sort our biosphere as a matter of urgency? And ideally not by reducing immediately the number of us trying to make our way, nor blaming our carbon emissions? Shouldn’t we put research money into further proving the influence of these chemicals on the psyche, then get rid? Let’s stop the woke social engineering that drives our young to damaging psychodramas with grossly mistaken counsellors and devastated but meekly supportive parents; to yet more petrochemical toxins in the form of artificial hormones; and ultimately the irrevocable chop of the surgeon’s knife.

Bringing it Back Home

The 4th question on the 2023 NZ Census form asks “What was your gender at birth?”. This information, along with the 3rd question asking for current gender identity, is of intense interest to social engineers – namely, how many of the vast majority of people born clearly male or female have been infected successfully with the society-wrecking notion that biological absolutes can be sacrificed to dogma and magical thinking?  They will be wanting to test how effective their wokedemic has been. Let’s send them a message that we value and wish to retain the fabric of the family, and societal norms that have stood the test of time.  

Cleary, downfallen Scottish premier Nicola Sturgeon and the cruel woke idiots at London’s Tavistock ‘genderforming’ clinic are feeling the public backlash for their ideological folly, and we need to make our cynicism known here too. 

By the way, other pillars of the biological absolutism that mark the current fight for humanity – and that so offend the uncritically thinking – include natural immunity (it never actually went away), genetic manipulation ending in tears, and death from injecting toxins.

Talking of screwing with the gene code of life, trans-proponents should be all over genetics like flies on a poop, since it uses terms that all start with ‘trans-‘ , though they live to bitterly regret ever hearing them: transfection, transduction, transcription, translation, transmission (that thing the jabs don’t prevent?) and transformation (as in malignant ). Perhaps we need a new word to describe those who are so unwittingly damaging to families and their children.

Translectuals?  We object!  We are remaining human, male and female and all of the diversity and fun that this entails.

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