Census gender question

New Zealand Census: Deceptive Gender Question

Tangible evidence of the depths to which intellectually lazy but dangerous ideology has infected every level of government (as if we needed any more after carbon neutral, safe and effective and “do it for grandma”) has been shoved unwelcome into everyone’s letter boxes this week. 

The 2023 NZ Census form’s third question demands “What is your gender?” Possible census responses are “male“, “female” or “other gender“.

The word “gender” is normally defined in the English language as either of the two divisions, designated female and male, by which most organisms are classified on the basis of their reproductive organs and functions; their sex.

When Jason Attewell, a representative from Stats NZ, was challenged on The Platform during a recent radio interview on 27th February that there are only two sexes “male and female”, Jason stated “Well that’s not true!”. The show host Sean Plunket then asked “Tell me about the other sexes that there are?”. Jason Attewell replied “So there is a community called the Intersex community which has different sexual characteristics, they can be hormonal, they can be physical..” The complete video interview is found here .

Jason Attewell is clearly not defining any “other sexes” as he was requested to do, but instead confusing biological, anatomical and genetic developmental issues with biological sex determination. In reality this NZ census question is not about sex – gender, but rather the controversial and politically charged topic of “gender identity”.

The third question is therefore highly deceptive as it does not directly refer to “gender identity” in the question line, but instead hints at it by giving the third optional response of “other gender”.

The 4th question on the NZ Census form asks “What was your gender at birth?” This  information, along with the question already discussed of current gender identity, is of intense interest to social engineers – namely, how many of the vast majority of people born clearly male or female have been infected successfully with the society-wrecking notion that biological absolutes can be sacrificed to dogma and magical thinking?  They will be wanting to test how effective their wokedemic has been. Let’s send them a message that we value and wish to retain the fabric of the family, and societal values that have stood the test of time.

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For more information on how to navigate this deceptive Census “gender” question read this article at The BFD by Dieuwe de Boer. The bigger issue is whether we should send back our data at all. Who is “the householder”, what jurisdiction does Stats NZ claim to threaten fines, and if we don’t open it have we not contracted with them? 

In brief, the Dieuwe de Boer article advises selecting the third optional answer of “other gender” and writing down your “other gender” as “none”. If you do wish to engage with Stats NZ you can say you identify as a living man or woman, and ask them to show you their data that says you have to supply this, or any other, information.

For more information on the question of gender, please refer to our subsequent article, Gender Identity Politics: Another Brazen Attack?

Census Gender Question
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