‘Doctors Stand Up For Vaccination’ Have Disappeared.

doctors stand up for vaccination
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‘Doctors Stand Up for Vaccination’ appear to have stood down.  A search for their letter and details leads to a website that is for sale and their names and message are no longer there.  What does that mean? Perhaps they realised Comirnaty is not a vaccine, and has undeniable evidence of harm. 

We note also that 6,535 doctors signed this. There are currently 19,299 practicing doctors on the MCNZ register and 31,209 doctors in total on MCNZ’s register.  Although 6,500 doctors seems a lot, it is fewer than 1/3 of practicing doctors.

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Doctors Stand Up For Vaccination 03

What Do Doctors Stand Up For Vaccination Think Now?

NZDSOS continue our call for all doctors who recognise there is a problem and wish to be a part of the solution, to join our team. The truth will prevail.

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