Matt Hancock’s Lockdown Files Scandal

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In recent days social media has been awash with the scandal of Matt Hancock’s “lockdown files”, following a leak of his private WhatsApp messages to staffers during the UK lockdown. The below headline from The Telegraph’s Lockdown Files Team refers to MP James Daly who spoke with Mike Graham about the experience yesterday, here.

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NZDSOS’ Position Statement on lockdown measures remains relevant because it is based on existing public health knowledge. DA Henderson et al’s 2006 summary article Disease Mitigation Measures in the Control of Pandemic Influenza provides an excellent public health overview of why the measures imposed on populations across the globe in 2020 had previously been recommended against. The authors clearly outline evidence for the ineffectiveness, impracticalities and known harms of restrictions such as mass quarantine of the healthy, travel restrictions and school closures. Very early in the pandemic even Reuters published a warning of harms predicted by these unprecedented measures.

Public health advisors to politicians across the globe including New Zealand were armed with this basic information (see the World Health Organisation’s 2019 guideline, based on a systematic review of the evidence: Non-pharmaceutical public health measures for mitigating the risk and impact of epidemic and pandemic influenza). We therefore have to ask, did New Zealand authorities find the exercise of destroying our democratic rights to speech, movement and basic liberty, as entertaining as Hancock appears to have? One example of many must surely be Siouxsie Wiles hanging out with a friend on the beach whilst the rest of the nation was in Level 4 lockdown?

It is worth considering Hancock’s lockdown files in conjunction with his involvement in the midazolam scandal whereby two years’ supply of this lethal injectable drug was ordered, dispensed to nursing homes, and used within five months during lockdown. The story has been covered in detail by political commentator Maajid Nawaz, a lawyer and terrorism specialist, on his video podcast series Radical. See specifically Episode 6, Episode 17 and Episode 27 for details. Some are speculating that the lockdown files scandal may in fact be a distraction from the Midazolam scandal? Or that world leaders will be so discredited that the UN and WHO can come charging in over the top with their One World Government and weaponised public health enforcements.

As there is a sequence variation continuum to rapidly-evolving viruses such as SARS-CoV-II, what does it mean to “deploy” a variant?  This was clearly a deliberately staged event used repeatedly for political gain.  Were the variants real? Man made? How were they deployed? The US Department of Energy is now convinced by the lab leak hypothesis, as some of us were three years ago. So what else that interested (but smeared) doctors, scientists, journalists and weapons experts said back then will prove correct? The cure will kill more than the disease? That covid symptoms mimic radiation sickness? That treatments suppressed in NZ saved lives elsewhere? That the elderly and infirm have been culled? That birth rates and fertility might drop, children might be harmed, and cancer rates might increase from the warp speed vaccines-that-aren’t?

Egotism, narcissism and frank psychopathy abound in the halls of power. It has been plain that Godzone’s covid journey has had it’s share of cruelty, hypocrisy and double standards. But the bigger picture is about the criminality of manufacturing a ‘pandemic’ for the purpose of forcibly injecting every possible arm, over and over. If some people did not raise an eyebrow or frankly resist early on, surely these revelations should get them wondering, at least about why we hand our trust to some elected reps, unelected bureaucrats and corrupted media pundits with largely unknown motives and obvious personality issues.

What Did the Lockdown Files Say?

Detailed reviews are available at the Telegraph Lockdown Files and El Gato Malo’s recent article ‘the astonishingly un-astonishing case of mathew hancock‘. Dr John Campbell has also given his own assessment in Matt Hancock Leaks at his Rumble channel, and on YouTube where thousands of comments highlight the suffering which resulted from the policies imposed on the UK population. A glimpse of the mockery that Hancock, and so many others who abused their powers to cause immense harms, made of public health, human life and human liberty should cause us all to demand that they be held to account.

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