They’re Still Coming For Our Children

They’re coming for our children and I can’t be quiet anymore.


As a medical doctor of 40 years, a father, and a thinking man, the time has come to do my duty (mandated by the Medical Council) to INFORM so that parents can have factual informed consent for their children.

Children Simply Don’t Get Serious Covid Infections

Fact: Children simply don’t get serious COVID infections due to their robust immune systems.

The recent approval from NZ MedSafe for the COVID vaccination of 5–12-year-old children (as for adults) was based on the recommendations from a committee of eight un-elected and anonymous members who reviewed and recommended this experimental genetic therapy. I sent a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to MedSafe requesting their identities and was refused on the grounds of these members “safety”. I then submitted a request to the Ombudsman, who investigated, and sided with MedSafe about protecting these members. As such, the public is prevented from knowing who these unelected people are who make massive public health decisions that MedSafe then follows.

Feeling uncomfortable yet? But wait! There’s more;

This committee waited for a study on children to be released as they needed some “science” on which to base their decisions. This study is the ONLY study done to date, was only on 1,500 children for a very short time, and was funded by Pfizer.

WAIT! Read it again, if those last four words did not hit you hard. The only study on vaccine safety in children was funded by Pfizer. A deeper dive into this study, and others has been done by our Canadian colleagues.

Spike Protein Damage to Organs

There are now several peer-reviewed studies showing the spike protein can damage organs, including OVARIES. MedSafe’s lists thousands of reported injuries.

Long Term Outcomes

Therefore, as your child cannot get serious COVID, by consenting to your child being jabbed with this experimental mRNA gene therapy, you are making him or her an uncompensated part of this experiment. What will be their health outcomes in 3,5,10 years? NO ONE KNOWS!

Do you want to be a grandparent one day and do you think your boy or girl someday might like to be a father or mother? No one can say this “vaccine” is (repeat continuously): Safe and Effective!

Here’s the shocker: Because the government controls the media* and gag well-meaning doctors, they have convinced you that the reason you should have your child jabbed is to (wait for it…) “Protect an older person from possibly getting COVID!”

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