Dr Alison Goodwin on TNT Radio: Relentless Medical Tyranny and Honouring ‘First Do No Harm’

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On TNT Radio, a live 24/7 independent news talk station, Dr Alison Goodwin from New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) speaks with the Australian based Jason Q regarding the tyranny of medicine in New Zealand, the Hippocratic Oath of ‘First Do No Harm’, the WHO pandemic treaty, the situation doctors faced amid the information war of the pandemic and the censorship and constraints which restricted discussions on informed consent, early treatment or vaccine harms.

A medical doctor for over 30 years Dr Alison Goodwin never questioned staying true to the Hippocratic Oath which she sees as one of her guiding principles and knew that ‘First Do No Harm’ needed to do just that – come first. Staying silent was therefore not an option.

The response of the majority in the medical profession however, who unquestioningly went along with the pandemic response and appeared at ease to override ethical principles is not only disappointing but shocking. It paints a disturbing picture of our medical system, the tyranny in which it now operates, its sad state of disrepute, its division and by all accounts is now described as ‘broken’.

Despite the consequences of speaking out, including the sacrifice of a medical career, credentials, loss of income earning potential, reputation and being slapped with the label ‘antivaxxer’ Dr Alison Goodwin stands true to believing all individuals have the right to be fully informed and the right of freedom to choose – two factors which should be unchallengeable.

With a new year beginning in 2023 we hope that faith, trust and the proven methods of First Do No Harm once used in medicine are restored and we can step into a brighter future with these basic principles firmly entrenched so they are never negotiated again in the face of medical tyranny.

Listen: Dr Alison Goodwin speaking with Jason Q on TNT Radio December 19th, 2022

Listen from 18:00 minutes: Dr Alison Goodwin speaking with Jason Q

Further Information on Medical Tyranny and the Hippocratic Oath:

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