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The Mystery of the Missing New Zealand Politicians

The covid pandemic with its creaking narrative is witnessing a strong turn in the tide as many international politicians voice their concerns and ask uncomfortable questions in an attempt to unravel the covid sham for the greater good of their country and their people. This chorus of brave voices ringing out from all corners of the planet, has a glaring absence of New Zealand leaders and we beg to ask where are the politicians who represent the people of New Zealand, and why are they missing? Are they camped in silence within beehive walls desperately clinging to control their official dogma by remaining untouchable and distant from awkward open conversations which could expose the ‘truth’ and crumble their fragile narrative.

The fearless address from members of the European Parliament to Pfizer for answers represents a welcome stance to demand transparency. CEO Albert Bourla did not appear at the hearing in the Special Covid Committee of the EU Parliament, instead sending Ms Janine Small in his place to represent Pfizer. Her peculiar choice of words leaves us with greater uncertainty and begs more questions than answers.

In Australia our neighbours have senators Malcolm Roberts, Gerard Rennick and Alex Antic speaking out and demanding questions on behalf of Australian people.

In Canada Alberta’s new Premier Danielle Smith spoke of the unvaccinated “they have been the most discriminated against group that I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime.”

In France, politician and ex presidential candidate Jean Lassalle has spoken out on his adverse reaction to the vaccine which almost claimed his life and now is instrumental in the movement Resistons.

In the US, senator Ron Johnson robustly questions the science and efficacy surrounding covid-19 vaccinations and gives a voice to the vaccine injured to share their stories of harm and injury.

In the UK parliamentary MPs call for enquiry and admit harms

The list of leaders speaking out around the world goes on, yet down under in New Zealand the silence rings loud as no one dares raise their head or voice outside the approved official narrative. New Zealand Doctors Standing Out with Science (NZDSOS) has from the outset been a voice in the fight for personal and medical freedoms as well as standing up for the health and wellbeing of our fellow New Zealanders which should be the highest priority for our leaders also.

Read here: The Mystery of the Missing New Zealand Politicians

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