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Letter to NZ Doctors – A Heartfelt Warning

All NZ Doctors deserve to be hear the truth, or at least a counter-argument to Ardern’s “single source of truth”. Actions and consequences seen cannot be unseen. Once informed, there are no excuses and following orders, or in this case, guidelines will not be reason enough for exoneration.

We are asking New Zealanders to visit their GPs and their specialists and present them with this letter. You may want ask them to read the whole letter (or at least the 1st page) as part of their consultation with you.

Scroll down to let us know how things went. While we may publish a follow-up with details of the numbers of letters sent etc, we will never publish the names of those who have sent the letters or taken them to their doctor.

Download the Letter to NZ Doctors

Tell Us How It Went

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